Jelly Stones Back in Home Bargains 99p!

Jelly Stones Back in Home Bargains 99p!

Found 24th Oct 2015
Hi, I was in home bargains in Lancaster today and they have the Jelly stones back in stock 350g for 99p. These are basically mishaped gourmet jelly beans !
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These are lush, and you get loads in the tub for just a quid. Hot from me.
These are yummy
"gourmet jelly beans" = the sugar has come from an upmarket sugarcane plant grown in organic horse poo, lovingly harvested by maidens in flowing white dresses. Absolutely not shoved together in a crappy factory at top speed and filled with bulk crappy sugar and synthetic flavours.

Actually, I might have to buy some of these, I really like them

Same in pound land
Are these mis-shaped Jelly Belly or just the more common jelly bean?
Been missing these the last few weeks of no stock
the shell colours are made from crushed beetles .enjoy !
nice u could just order loads and go and pick them up
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