Jeremy Clarkson - Thriller £1.49 +

Jeremy Clarkson - Thriller £1.49 +

Found 9th Nov 2011
He's a kn*b, but your dad might like it.

Welcome to my all new DVD which, as the name suggests, is all about thrills at the wheel. Aston Martin's gentleman thug, the DSB, takes on its rivals from Italy. The lightweight Lamborghini Superleggera battles it out on the track with Ferrari's 430 Scuderia and my test of the best takes me to the breathtaking roads of the Swiss Alps, the no limits German autobahn - and, er, Norfolk.

I swap racing overalls for camouflage uniform to join the Marines at the controls of an all-terrain Viking before using its machine gun to shoot a the face.

The 200 mph Porsche 911 turbo struts its stuff in its natural habitat - the autobahn. And I get a lungful of turbocharged fresh air from the 240 mph Pagani Zonda Roadster F.

Then there's the rocket science - Clarkson-style - as I fit a Porsche 944 with rocket launchers (they only look like drainpipes wrapped in silver foil). I also blast fireworks at a speed camera and have a bit of an accident with a double-decker bus. I drop a 7-tonne diesel engine on to a Highways Agency traffic-womble car - doing my bit to tidy the roads...while creating the world's fastest diesel.

Plus I'm joined by tame racing driver The Stig who gets a big surprise - as do you when see what he likes to do with sheep.

And everything else explodes.
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Risen from the dead in true thriller style.
" He's a kn*b, "

You got that bit right.(_;)
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