Jericho: Complete Box Set On DVD (9 Discs) - £12.85 @ Zavvi & The Hut
Jericho: Complete Box Set On DVD (9 Discs) - £12.85 @ Zavvi & The Hut

Jericho: Complete Box Set On DVD (9 Discs) - £12.85 @ Zavvi & The Hut

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cheapest around at the moment


Another great series that got canned.:(

This was an epic series!

This was fantastic series gutted its gone.

Hang on didnt it finish mid season!? like just stoped?

This stoped along with Flash forward and a host of others is just everything wrong with american tv produsers so hung up on ratings! so bizare.

Read a funny "excuse" prob one of the exects regarding Firefly the other day, failed to mentiond that it flopd due to them killing it with airing the episodes out of order and at a dead time slot... just like they did with this but hey ho.


Such a great series, there was some talk about making a movie to 'finish it off' at one point

Utterly brilliant!

Very good!

looks like fringe is going to be cancelled next for anyone thats interested

Great show. It did have a hurried ending of sorts. It does live on in comic form and a book I think.

Another must buy when payday swings round

I bought this on the strength of comments on a previous deal and have to say the series was well worth buying.

Whilst not quite in the same league as other big name series, but it takes what you first believe to be a tried and tested topic and develops it in a very different direction. Highly recommended if you want something original to watch.

The second series is a little rushed, but it did answer more questions that I had been led to believe.


paid £25 for this not too long ago, and as such only have one thing to say.....

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