Jericho Pre-owned - Xbox 360 - £3.00 @ Cex
Jericho Pre-owned - Xbox 360 - £3.00 @ Cex

Jericho Pre-owned - Xbox 360 - £3.00 @ Cex

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I briught this on a steam pc deal for £1.18 its actually a really good game.

hot, just bagged it, not the best reviews but a lot of people claim it is very under rated.

1000 easy chievos if you use the gamestop codes too apparently.

It's not a bad game at all and well worth £3. I got all the achievements without codes and it's an easy 1000G.

i actually really enjoyed this game, what a price!

This was the first game I ever played on a console (this year actually). Although some parts are repetitive (like killing the blood supply to one of the beasies) what you get is a squad with two weapons each (some of which have further choises eg Cole's grenades have a choice of 4 settings) and ultimately two occult specialities each so more or less there can be a huge range of approaches to any one scene / point in time.

I found it difficult but bear in mind it was my first game in years (and that was pacman anyway!)
and my aiming was bad. There are exploding cultists that I found really really difficult to take out as they can stagger randomly and you have to shoot their yellow pustules to kill them. Also when i'd played the whole game I went back and tried alternative strategies and often found that if you
attack you can get through the game quicker (eg one scene took a while to get through as I held position and used Black's sniper . On replaying I just charged with Delgado's big gun - Hell's Keeper I think its called and was through PDQ and only had to handle a small fraction of cultists vs hanging back with Black)

The second game I played was Gears Of War and the monsters in Jericho are a class above those easily IMO.

Good price but, from experience, rubbish game (hence the crap review scores).

Really good game - well worth £3 and a few hours play - was my first 1000g game

I bought it for £10 a while ago and really enjoy it. Bargain.
The environments feel a bit empty at times and you are wondering if they didn't lack budget to make it more interesting. Nevertheless, it looks and play nice and the bits that plunge you into the action are really enjoyable.

good kit fam

Just picked it up, the free delivery and very low cost make this a nice little bargain.
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