Jerry Springer the Opera DVD 99p @ choices
Jerry Springer the Opera DVD 99p @ choices

Jerry Springer the Opera DVD 99p @ choices

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A crazy price... this is £20 at amazon. Well worth watching for this price.


Worth a punt for 99p

This was in Poundland nationwide last year.


This is actually a great piece of theatre - surprised at the volume of cold votes - hot from me

peeps this is a bargain site not a theatre review site, it gets heat from me!!
I went to see this and hated it, so not for me at all
but peeps 99p!!!!!!!!!
by not following the philosophy of the site means some ppl will miss out on something they may actually like - so vote on the price and if you think it is pants you can always leave a comment

Original Poster

hi all I've expired it again as the cold votes here are just insane....people have ordered it yet it still cold...and to the person above saying it was a pound in poundland so what ...theres no poundland within 10 miles of where I live and many other people I'm sure
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do not expire, some ppl may realy like this, take no notice of the trolls m8t
my trols always vote my deals cold no matter what, they are not hurting you but the integrity of the site. As i sed heat from me but not a deal for me thats how it should work and for the vast majority on here it does work like that, chin up and keep posting

An amazing show, Can't see why this is getting cold votes. Didn't realise this forum had so many religious nuts, unless it's because they think it's too expensive - In which case I don't see how it is overpriced as it includes delivery and the poundland/99p shops had it a year ago, so you'd be lucky to still find it now.

Amazing piece of theatre and social commentary...all for under a quid...and you gotta love the tap dancing Clan members!!! I love how religious zealots can protest about something theyve never even seen...and its all intended as a fantasy anyway. Free speech man LOLOLOL. Oh yeah, and the price is HOT!!!!
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