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Lucky Dip 680 Autumn Plug Bedding Plants - £24.99 delivered @ Jersey Plants Direct
Found 6th Oct 2018Found 6th Oct 2018
+12.6% Topcashback Chosen at Random from the Following: Pansies, Violas, Polyanthus, Primroses, Wallflowers, Dianthus, Antirrhinum, Bellis Belle, Sweet William, Stock and Hardy Pe… Read more
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I agree you'd have to start these off in a greenhouse before planting out to allow them to get a good root system going. We are already getting frosts here in Derbyshire if I was to put these straight out in the garden they would struggle imo. Better off buying less but bigger, stronger plants so they can get established for winter faster.


My experience of the deals is that they don’t get bit or flower well from plugs. I’ve started just buying less but larger plants for a better effect.


As they come from Jersey and I am in the North of the UK they may not be hardy enough. Should I purchase so or find a more Northern supplier ? Otherwise great find..Thanks OP


Cheers op...just ordered the £9.99 deal.


Got some of these on a offer a few weeks ago. Very healthy looking plug plants. I put some direct in baskets and they are already flowering. The rest I planted straight out. They are all winter hardy so they should be ok.

170 autumn plug plants for £9.99 and free delivery at Jersey Plants Direct
Found 22nd Aug 2018Found 22nd Aug 2018
170 autumn plug plants for £9.99 and free delivery at Jersey Plants Direct
The free delivery makes it an even better deal and you get a choice of: 170 Pansy Plug Plants 170 Wallflower Plug Plants 170 Polyanthus Plug Plants 170 Primrose Plug Plants or al… Read more

I can’t see why not if that’s what you want, you’re likely to replant anyway once they grow a little and become hardy enough for autumn


Can they be mixed in one pot?


They are not fully grown, only about 4-8cm. Jersey Plants Direct says the plug plants should be grown on in a warm greenhouse or conservatory out of direct sunlight for 3-4 weeks before being planted out into their final position.


What do you mean?


correct,people always make this mistake by not doing so.

96 x Jumbo Plants (8-14cm) Lucky Dip - £14.99 delivered (+12.6% TCB) @ Jersey Plants Direct
Found 3rd Aug 2018Found 3rd Aug 2018
96 x Jumbo Plants (8-14cm) Lucky Dip - £14.99 delivered (+12.6% TCB) @ Jersey Plants Direct
Ordered quite a few times from them and never had any issues. Don't forget to go via Topcashback (which has always tracked for me) Bring that final burst of colour to your garden… Read more
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Received in case anybody is interested to see what you get:


Fair point. I made a similar mistake recently when I bought a loft ladder, only to realise too late I lived in a ground floor flat


If you only just realised you'd paved over the garden last year, you probably need to think things through a little harder before you buy anything. Just because it doesn't work for you or you don't know what you're buying doesn't make this a cold deal.


Bought these for my garden. Went to plant them only to realise we’d paved over the whole garden last summer! Waste of time. Should make it clear you need a garden. Cold!


Not too experienced but would like to order. Are these perennials?

ORDER BY PHONE TO BEAT THE QUEUE! 170 Spring Plants just £9.99 with FREE delivery @ Jersey Plants Direct - choose from petunia, geranium, busy lizzie or begonia - get all 4 (680 plants) for £19.99
Found 28th Mar 2018Found 28th Mar 2018
ORDER BY PHONE TO BEAT THE QUEUE! 170 Spring Plants just £9.99 with FREE delivery @ Jersey Plants Direct - choose from petunia, geranium, busy lizzie or begonia - get all 4 (680 plants) for £19.99
HT MSE. Plug plants, so small & need to be grown on. Or you can get all 4x 170 = 680 plants for £19.99. Limited to 4000 orders. How good is this deal? It's about half price vs … Read more
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Not worth the money or agro. Plants are tiny and barely worth planting. Save money and go to your local garden centre it'll be better value for money in the long run. Long delivery time and poor communication. Don't buy!


Website is now working again via: Link Add to basket & then close page. Go via Topcashback & it will show in your basket. If you order all 4, you get £2.52 TCB - effective cost £17.47 for 680 plug plants delivered 😁


They're the market leader in plug plants :)


Do people still buy from JPD? They are the cheapest for a reason. Last order I made was 6 weeks late. Never again.


Free on Virgin mobile, just checked. 28 Mar 15:17Call 01534871113Yes6m:09s£0.00

90 flowers for £7.99 - jerseyplantsdirect
Found 7th Jun 2017Found 7th Jun 2017
90 flowers for £7.99 - jerseyplantsdirect
Bargain price for 90 flowers with free delivery

I bought some winter flowering pansy and viola plug plants from Jersey Plants Direct a couple of years ago. They turned up late, were absolutely microscopic, and even though they were supposed to be mixed colours the few that survived all turned out to be yellow. Complete and utter waste of time and money. I've had pretty good success with Thompson and Morgan plugs, but my favourite now is an Ebay seller because the plugs are bigger and they have more unusual varieties. I've used garden ready Homebase plants in the past and liked them because of the less faffing about. I bought a few this year but both stores I went to this year couldn't seem to manage to water their plants properly. By the sound of it the B&Q plants seem to be good value, but in past years I've always left empty handed because the varieties were too dull, maybe they have improved.


The b&q plants were 10 quid the other day but have been reduced to 4 for 4. Loads available and are in the teabag style growth packs which are brill. Good to see b&q are finally looking after their plants.


Well, my other half picked up 4 trays of plants from B+Q last Sunday, 9 x garden ready plants in each tray, there was a big selection too, all nice and healthy, excellent root systems... for a total of £4. I have bought from this site, Thompson and Morgan etc and in the past they were far better value, quality plants and arrived in good condition, the last couple of years though all have soared in price, been very poor quality, in cases (as mentioned above) all been the same plants (supposed to be mixed), arrived dead or not arrived at all - Goes to to show what the price hikes do.... interesting... I know the local nurseries used to charge a premium but their prices are dropping and you get to see what you are buying and make your own selections, so worth having a few hours out of the house and do some plant shopping, nice fresh air..... away from a stuffy computer!


Agree sadly as they are good value when yo look at local sellers


I'd stay away from plants sent via post.

2 Hanging Baskets & 6 Plug Plants  £17.99 Delivered @ Jersey plants
Found 8th Apr 2016Found 8th Apr 2016
2 Hanging Baskets & 6 Plug Plants £17.99 Delivered @ Jersey plants
This deal came through on a MSE email, won't be for everyone. Comes with 2 pre planted hanging baskets + 6 "premium" plug plants delivered for 17.99. Got an overgrown garden i've… Read more

A quick and easy way to go Summery with all the work done for you - nice one op

Cape Aloe 3 Plants in 9cm Pots, £10 delivered @ Jersey plants direct
Found 3rd Mar 2015Found 3rd Mar 2015
Cape Aloe 3 Plants in 9cm Pots, £10 delivered @ Jersey plants direct
Ive gave the link to MSE (money saving expert) website as this is where I found the offer. 7% quidco.

Thank you Krato, I just had a look at your link and they are a good price too, sadly I live 100 miles from my nearest Ikea...... still they are supposed to be building a new one nearby in 2016! I shall have another look at what I can find online :)


IKEA ones as mentioned above are actual Aloe Vera, they're usually well stocked and are a decent size with 4+ plants in each pot so you can separate them out and grow on so you can use them medicinally once you have enough :)


Just a note to say these are not Aloe Vera plants but Aloe Ferox. There are many different types of Aloe plants, I just looked in Wikipedia to check because I'm after some aloe vera to use medicinally. So these would be fine for ornamental use, but they are not the proper aloe vera plants.


They're houseplants - put them on the windowsill.


Don't you need a really hot climate to grow these? I'm in the UK where it rains every 15 minutes.

Pansy Can Can 100 Plants + 60 FREE £12.99 delivered @ Jersey Plants Direct
Found 12th Jul 2012Found 12th Jul 2012
Pansy Can Can 100 Plants + 60 FREE £12.99 delivered @ Jersey Plants Direct
Free delivery on everything Pansies are part of the Viola family. This beautiful ruffled pansy comes in a mix of pastel colours with dark centres. These pansies will flower from A… Read more
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I spent a lot of money on plants with this company and they all died. My advice is avoid.


Surely Royal Mail or the delivery company left them upside down in the rain and not the company itself?


Would not use this company again, they left my mum's mothers day flowers on the doorstep, in the rain, upside down!

Various plug plants 100 + 60 Free From £9.99 Delivered @ Jersey Plants Direct
Found 12th Apr 2012Found 12th Apr 2012
Various plug plants 100 + 60 Free From £9.99 Delivered @ Jersey Plants Direct
Various plug plants 100 + 60 free for £9.99 Delivered From Begonia 's,Panys,Geraniums,Petunia and more
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Gr8 offer hot from me...ordered 2 lots thanks 2u


Got mine. Packaging fine. all great


Two years ago I received damaged packs and they were replaced by Jersey Plants who said they were having problems with their couriers, last year this happened twice with the same reason given so beware. I have changed my supplier this year, no problems so far.


12% top cash back makes these offers even hotter.


Good offer, I ordered Geraniums and Begonia's a short wile ago. They have not been sent out yet! ps. remember Quidco

3 for 2 offers on various plants + Free delivery on all orders with no minimum spend @ Jersey Plants Direct
Found 28th Mar 2012Found 28th Mar 2012
3 for 2 offers on various plants + Free delivery on all orders with no minimum spend @ Jersey Plants Direct
Just received an email from Jersey Plants Direct, regarding a 3 for 2 promotion they have running on various plants. They also offer free delivery on all orders with no minimum sp… Read more

I have ordered three Ena Harkness bare root roses two weeks ago, would like to order another 3, am having difficulties, pls advise. thank you Teresa Buchinger

Chocs & Flowers £9.99 delivered @ Jersey Plants Direct
Found 11th Mar 2012Found 11th Mar 2012
Chocs & Flowers £9.99 delivered @ Jersey Plants Direct
Chocs & Flowers £9.99 delivered @ Jersey Plants Direct I've used these loads and always been pleased - they have been in business for years and lots of local people use them. … Read more
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You lot have got me worried now, My mom called me last friday to say that she got home from work & that her flowers & chocs were there & that they were lovely but now i'm wondering if they too were damaged & she was just being polite oO


Oh how I wish I'd seen the reviews for iflorist before ordering. I went with iflorist, and never will again. I paid £25 for : Guaranteed Sunday delivery Arrangement in a basket chocolates card with message. My Mum received: Sunday delivery ( If you ignore the lateness in the day, this counts as a WIN! ) No basket ( flowers half wrapped in cellophane ) FAIL No chocolates FAIL Garbled, indecipherable message on card FAIL Rotten/crushed flowers FAIL. My Mum's usually of a sanguine disposition, but she knew I must have spent money on this **** and was livid on my behalf, and insists that I get a refund. Of course, when you try to access- the site isn't available, I bet you're as surprised as I am. @rseholes.


I phoned them and was given a full refund as they dont know why she never got them as they went out for delivery on the 16th!


Has everyone got their flowers? I sent some the basket straight to my nana and she still hasnt got it


At least they got something, going to have to go to Tesco now. I will be expecting a dead mess delivered tomorrow and a 15.99 refund from these clowns. Mothers day ruined.

Geranium Parade Patchwork 100 Plants+ 60 FREE, £10.99 @ Jersey Plants Direct
Found 13th Oct 2011Found 13th Oct 2011
Geranium Parade Patchwork 100 Plants+ 60 FREE, £10.99 @ Jersey Plants Direct
Geranium Parade Patchwork 100 Plants+ 60 FREE, £10.99

Just a heads up, last year I purchased some plug plants from them, the plugs were damaged in transit. They were replaced quite quickly but the replacements were in even worse condition. I have dealt with this company before without any problems but the last time the plugs were unusable on both occasions.The company said they were looking into the delivery company they used. Sorry had a senior moment, it was spring of this year.

£9.99 for 100 plants PLUS 60 FREE
Found 13th Jan 2011Found 13th Jan 2011
£9.99 for 100 plants PLUS 60 FREE
£9.99 for 100 plants PLUS 60 FREE. free p+p. Quidco 10% too ( thanks wbmkk ) mixed types

I always think these are good deals. 160 Gerarium plants for £9.99, so just over 6p each. At about Easter when many gardeners 'come alive' summer bedding arer often £2 - £2.25 for 6 and in many instances, that's the price for most flowers, but geraniums often seem to be more expensive, maybe only 4 for the £2 or £2.25 A wee bit of effort is needed when these come, but worth it my my opinion. Quidco 10% too

Massive Sale on Plug Plants £9.99 @ Jersey Plants Direct
Found 6th Feb 2010Found 6th Feb 2010
Massive Sale on Plug Plants £9.99 @ Jersey Plants Direct
For those better equipped gardeners among you, these Plug Bedding Plants are just the job. They are ideal if you have a greenhouse, conservatory or similar to grow them on. They of… Read more

Was in BQ yesterday and there were pansies being sold off at 2 quid for a 24 tray. A bit of feed and shelter and theyll be good plants. Not all trays were reduced just some of them,tulips too.


I ordered these last year from the Daily Express special offer and was extremely disappointed with the quality. The ones I purchased from Tesco for a third of the price were far superior. I will never buy plants from this firm again as they are of such poor quality.


My mum bought some plugs in the autumn - they arrived, very late, and really really tiny, and the Winter Flowering pansies will probably reach flowering size by July this year. She had 3 species, all of them tiny. She should have cancelled them, under distance selling regulations, but didn't. Just beware that these plug plants from Jersey may not meet your expectations and be willing to cancel and return them. Buy local, if possible, where you're helping local employment and paying tax into the country's coffers.


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