Jessops clearance stock on Compact cameras too many to list, prices from £30.64,

Jessops clearance stock on Compact cameras too many to list, prices from £30.64,

Found 8th Jun 2011
Just noticed Jessops are clearing out old stock of cameras, some with missing battery , manual etc, others just needing a clean. Examples; Canon IXUS 1000 HS Silver £165.45. Fujifilm Finepix JV100 In Blue £30.64.
Currently about 40 different cameras in stock. Might be worth a look.
No idea if link will work, if not go to Jessops and type in clearance, hope there is something in it for you.
Free delivery over £50. 12 month warranty.


They've been there for a few days. I ordered 5 cameras to try and 1 I'll keep, the rest can go back. However, the description for all of them were wrong and thus I'm missing chargers, batteries and some are scratched to bits. The description may have said marks on screen, will wipe off. Ha.

They definitely said battery/ charger included so looks like these will all go back. Also, some of these cameras are cheaper new. Pc world sell the ixus 1000 inshore for £159.97, if your store has stock.

What a waste of time.

Pretty much only compacts available. Nothing exciting

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I was looking yesterday afternoon and they only had one Sony wb360 for around £30, deep scratch on screen, I did consider it, but beaten to it by someone, then early this morning they seemed to have restocked.

When they did this last month I picked up a sony alpha 55 for just over £340 in new condition with it's tags still attached - that's just over half price so a great saving...luck of the draw I guess.

vadaccess10 for 10% off by the way

[quote=Bookie]There are some decent cameras available if you can find them..

Sony NEX5 Twin lens kits for a shade over £300
Sony NEX5 Single lens kit £266
Sony Alpha 55 + 18-55 kit for £340[/

Bookie, how are you finding these cameras? I can't find them, even going through the clearance section.

And thanks for the code. Star.

hmm, NEX3 for around £200. tempting, though also considering the TZ10 on Amazon for £180...
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Thanks ppl was picked up a nex3 for £181 for the Mrs as a suprise for taking pics of the lil one, just praying that its not scratched to hell as she will pick up on the smallest nick!

Cheers, some HX5's with 12 month warranty and all the bits for £110. Even more with the discount code. Good offers
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