Jessops own brand 360AFD Flashgun for Canon, Nikon, Sony was £99 now £69
Jessops own brand 360AFD Flashgun for Canon, Nikon, Sony was £99 now £69

Jessops own brand 360AFD Flashgun for Canon, Nikon, Sony was £99 now £69

Buy forBuy forBuy for£69
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Say online special but is available for instore pick up as well

Guide number 36m/ISO 100
Bounce and swivel adjustment
Built in diffuser and reflector
Backlit LCD display
Autofocus assist light
Auto/manual Powerzoom settings
24/28/35/50/70/85mm Head Settings
5 Level power ratio : 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16
Trigger Voltage : 6V
Requires 4 x AA batteries


a friend got this a couple of weeks ago, a bargain price and pretty much the nearest you'll get to a Speedlite without getting a Speedlite.

Not getting too many good reviews on photography forums. Build quality seems a little dubious, also seems as if it has been £50 before

It's been £39 with previous codes from Jessops last December. Good basic unit.

Bought when it was 40 quid, has been one of the best things I've bought of here.

Makes such a difference when shooting indoors.

Build quality is ok btw.

I'd probably buy one of thse for about £40, but for £69, I'd rather pay a bit more and pick up a Nissin Di622 from 7dayshop for £94, or a Di622 Mk II for about £129. Neither hot nor cold from me.

These do have a huge failure rate,i bought 5,3 have packed up and the other 2 work when they feel like it,the actual quality of the materials aint bad for the money but when you look inside you will find some are poorly assembled,prob in a asian shop by children,the most common fault is the connecting wires which run through the swivel snap,£69.99 is the norm,they were on sale at £39 before which aint a bad price,there are similar ones on dx for cheaper

If ya buying one for a Sony check it works ok on ya camera first as when I tried one of these it kept losing connection when the camera was tilted.

I ended up getting the official Sony one for £150 when it was on offer at Argos. Much better Flash Gun.

Got one of these at £40 and even at £69 it's still a great buy works well and still on the first set of batteries, it's not Speedlite but would you expect it at this price? It's good enough for indirect flash lighting, works suprisingly well bouncing the flash to reduce harsh shadows i'd really recommend this over the built in flash although obviously the speedlite is better but this is about 1/4 the price

up to £79 now.
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