Jessops Sdx 600 Tele Microphone for Camcorders £2

Jessops Sdx 600 Tele Microphone for Camcorders £2

Found 17th Dec 2009
There isn't much info or a picture of this product, but it might be worth a punt at £2.

This tele microphone concentrates and extends the sound pick-up of your camcorder directly in frount of the microphone. Ideal when you want to isolate your subject from ambient noise and pick-up sound at a distance. The SDX600 has 2 settings allowing you to get the best sound possible.


Would it be compatible with any brand of camcorder.... might be interested in this but cant seem to use COLLECT AT STORE option at my local or anythere nearabouts...

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Looks like they have removed the product!
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