Jethro Tull Heavy Horses / Songs From The Wood (Digital Remasters) (2 CD) - £4.99 @ Play
Jethro Tull  Heavy Horses / Songs From The Wood (Digital Remasters) (2 CD) - £4.99 @ Play

Jethro Tull Heavy Horses / Songs From The Wood (Digital Remasters) (2 CD) - £4.99 @ Play

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Can't Beat This Price For 2 Classic Tull Remastered CDs
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Disc 1
1. And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps (2003 Digital Remaster)
2. Acres Wild (2003 Digital Remaster)
3. No Lullaby (2003 Digital Remaster)
4. Moths (2003 Digital Remaster)
5. Journey Man (2003 Digital Remaster)
6. Rover (2003 Digital Remaster)
7. One Brown Mouse (2003 Digital Remaster)
8. Heavy Horses (2003 Digital Remaster)
9. Weathercock (2003 Digital Remaster)
10. Living In These Hard Times (2003 Digital Remaster)
11. Broadford Bazaar (2003 Digital Remaster)

Disc 2

1. Songs From The Wood (2003 Digital Remaster)
2. Jack In The Green (2003 Digital Remaster)
3. Cup Of Wonder (2003 Digital Remaster)
4. Hunting Girl (2003 Digital Remaster)
5. Ring Out Solstice Bells (2003 - Remaster)
6. Velvet Green (2003 Digital Remaster)
7. The Whistler (2003 Digital Remaster)
8. Pibroch (Cap In Hand) (2003 Digital Remaster)
9. Fire At Midnight (2003 Digital Remaster)
10. Beltane (2003 Digital Remaster)
11. Velvet Green (Live)


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Edited by: "Boz" 30th Mar 2011

Aaargh - trying stop spending but hard to resist these two fantastic albums at this price. Finally might replace my old vinyl.

2 top cds by mr anderson and his merrie crew.....great price...have some heat old boy

These are 2 of their best albums. What a bargain.

I believe that I and my credit card are bringing the UK out of recession on our own thanks to HUKD!

Hot from me.

Original Poster

Can't Beat A Bit Of Tull
I know other Cds are considered classics like Aqualung
but these 2 titles seem to get the most play in my house.

Great price, never listened but a big fan of aqualung and thick as a brick. Bought it so hot from me!

Nice one. Songs from the Wood is fantastic.

Great price for the best two Tull albums. These are however very much their folk albums so if you prefer the more jazzy, prog or R&B Tull then these maybe aren't for you.
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