JIF Lemon for 'Pancake Day'- 2 for 70p @ Tesco

JIF Lemon for 'Pancake Day'- 2 for 70p @ Tesco

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Found 7th Feb 2010Made hot 11th Feb 2010
Pancake day 16th Feb


gr8 price,heated
cant wait till pancake day so going to make pancakes 4 lunch :roll:

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omg- i love pancakes sooooo much! even better with ice cream......

For the inevitable JIF lemon still in the cupboard in September, you can also use this to help jam and preserves turn solid.

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Thankyou for the idea of adding to jam! i had no idea

Same deal at Co-op.


These lemons are the best for zest

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Yes they are also in Co-op but you wouldn't want to do all your weekly food shoppin there and you can't do your food shopping online either :-)


nice, love pancakes!!waiting for 16th

Yeah, this crap beats the taste of a 30p lemon any day.

Nothing special really :?

60p for one, 70 for 2! x

Just buy a real lemon. There's no comparison.
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