Jim Beam 70cl £10.00 @ Morrisons

Jim Beam 70cl £10.00 @ Morrisons

Found 6th Sep 2010Made hot 6th Sep 2010
Jim Beam Distillers Series, aged 7 years, 45% for only £10 at Morrisons! While stocks last.


black or white?
hot either way!!

liver abuse, hot

Never heard of this and can't find it on the JB site, but looks like it's completely different to the regular white / black labels:

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if the op is correct it is 43%

So we don't know which JB it is and what size bottle the deal is. And I've just rushed around to be disappointed at the sight of only the standard White at £19.99. Sorry...very cold.

The deal is correct - This is the Distiller series bottled at 45 % abv (90 proof) and is aged 7 years.
The deal was on in my local Morrisons in Erskine - at this price this is better than the Tesco deal (which I missed out on earlier) good luck to those hunting.......

copy and paste this into your browser to see the bottle

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cool will check this out..

Odd its not on their web. Will also have a look see as I'm in town tomorrow.

Maybe not as good as the Tesco deal a few weeks ago but my time machine isn't working properly at the moment X)

aint tried this one but picked up woodford reserve a few weeks back from asda and that is a nice drop

wtf is this then!!!

this was £22ish last week when i went in! i got it when it was £16 a bottle, its amazing, will be poppin in on my lunch

The deal is correct,I work for morrisons and put the pos out myself this morning,it's not on the website because it's while stocks last.

Original Poster

It's the bottle in that photo above, I'd never seen that Jim Beam before, but at £10 it's a steal! There were only a few bottles left when I bought it, and it was whilst stocks last - so it may not be in every store. I wish I'd bought more than one bottle now though!

woah, im pretty tempted

I've had this before....definitely better than either black or white versions. Hot!

None in ours

The small one in Frodsham had none but the bigger store in Ellesmere Port had 4 left ( now 2 ).

Just a couple left of the shelf, bought one for an xmas present thanks very much!!

The black one was meant to be on sale in tescos the other week but i couldnt find it. Hope i have better luck with this one then

Got myself a couple earlier in Nelson, Lancs. Thanks to the OP - could be a great drop for the money. If only there were bourbon deals more frequently!

still at least 2 in Blackpool (near the airport)

Picked three up at Hucknall Morrisons this morning as there were none in my local one near Rotherham.
Did leave three for other people though . . . . . . ;-)

Thanks for the deal.

just opened a bottle and can confirm it is VERY nice

none in my local, gutted..

Wigan = Zero and not even on next delivery order!

Finally found bottles after checking out three morrisons
None in Bilston, Walsall or Willenhal found some in Wednesbury - bought last three and the sales assistants decides to drop one on the floor whilst taking tag off ! had to laugh but as others have mentioned the wednesbury store have a poor attitude to customer care - other then a quick sorry and refund no attempt as a gesture of goodwill in offerring me an alternative and the response in cleaning up was quite poor - glass everywhere but slow in trying to clean up.

other then poor service - great buy!

none in leeds city centre :-(

Great deal, managed to get thanks

andyatk you sexy beast, just grabbed the last from Festival Park Morrisons.

it'll be interesting to see whether and where this bargain appears at my local morrisons in peckham, south london.

very occasionally some spirits are placed on public display in the aisles - usually they're kept behind barriers where the lottery tickets and cigarettes are kept!!

Well revisited Wigan Morrisons and went to the booze section and asked if there was any sign of this being delivered soon. More or less was told they had not had any stock of this offer and they won't be getting as the warehouse stock has gone.

****, none in morrisons bangor
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