Jim Beam - 70cl - £14 @ Morrissons

Jim Beam - 70cl - £14 @ Morrissons

Found 28th Dec 2009
Cracking price seeing as how my usual JD isnt on offer, saw this next to it so grabbed a bottle.


the black label is far nicer though. Good price though

word to the wise - jim beam black is on at £1 dearer in tesco just now - well worth spending the extra pound for something thats around twice the age

I concur, tried JB Black for the first time last week after buying from Tesco and what a smooth bit of bourbon it is.

once you've had black, you'll never go back :-) (no offence intended)

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http://www.morrisons.co.uk/Offers/Drinks/ JD on offer 16.99 was 19.99

Must have sold out or some swine has removed the offer label, but couldnt see this... still its quite a nice bourbon, enjoyed it almost as much.
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