Jim Beam Bourbon 1 Litre £15 Asda Instore Only

Jim Beam Bourbon 1 Litre £15 Asda Instore Only

LocalFound 21st Dec 2016
Just picked up a couple myself. Not available online.
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is this as nice as jd.?
good find op, heat added

is this as nice as jd.?

​Way nicer than jd. Great find, thanks
Cool price for a litre, have some heat!
Like this very comparable to Jd however jd just beats it in my opinion.
It's ok but I think it tastes a bit rougher than JD.
I think it's nicer than J.D. as coke will dilute J.D. While Jim Bean doesn't taste weak by watering down with coke.
Same price in Seaburn Morrisons. I bought a bottle this afternoon.
Is it Jim Beam Double Oak Whisky?

is this as nice as jd.?

Not quite as sweet as JD, in my opinion.
I used to love JD , but I now prefer this.
I'd still rather have Makers Mark though.

is this as nice as jd.?

Definitely not. JD is a far superior product. A lot of pubs sell this instead of JD as it's a cheap alternative. You couldn't pay me to drink it. Good price for a litre but I'd rather have 70cl of JD
JB is superior to JD....
No different than how you say potato.....
For us Jim Beam fans, that's a cracking price.
And for those who DONT drink in pubs, JD is the common, Jim Beam is the shelf drink that costs more....

Good find, hopefully when I get to Asda later, this will still be on!
Or you could have a proper Bourbon by buying either a Woodford , Bulliet or Buffalo Trace . Stretch the budget further and you could have Makers Mark
Elijah Craig is the dugs danglies. Jim beam is ok,but this is a good price. Heat added
It is £15 in my Morrisons too. Was labeled at £20, scanned at £15.
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