Jim Beam Devils Cut 70Cl £15.00 reduced from £25.00 @ Tesco Groceries

Jim Beam Devils Cut 70Cl £15.00 reduced from £25.00 @ Tesco Groceries

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I have not put the direct link as i had to log in to my Tesco account for it to appear. So you may need to log in and check.

Offer valid for delivery from 27/12/2016 until 2/1/2017

Devil's Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Genuine Beam Bourbon® Extra-Aged
Extra-Aged in the heart of Kentucky, Jim Beam® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made for those who take their bourbon seriously.

Jim Beam® Devil's Cut® is a distinctly bold bourbon full of rich, intense flavors.

While bourbon ages and the angel's share evaporates. Some also remain trapped inside the barrel.

This is the Devil's Cut
We extract this dark and intense liquid from our charred white oak barrel walls and blend it with extra-aged bourbon.

James B. Beam
None genuine without my signature

Pack Size: 70cl

Made with bourbon extracted from the barrel walls

Alcohol Units 33.8
ABV 45% vol.
Pack Quantity 70
Pack Measure cl
Alcohol Type Spirits


Heat. Nice bourbon but much prefer Double Oak.

Nice. Far better than Jack D.

Cannot find nothing online though
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I see it there bud just by searching.:)

I only see the original and the double oak. gutted


Nice. Far better than Jack D.Cannot find nothing online though

​Jack isn't a bourbon, it's a sour mash whisky


Heat. Nice bourbon but much prefer Double Oak.

I agree the double oak is much better. I managed to pick up a bottle in the Amazon deal for £16.99 at the weekend. A better deal IMO(although no longer available).


​Jack isn't a bourbon, it's a sour mash whisky

TBF Hatton didn't state that it was. They were only stating that they prefer this to JD. A perfectly legitimate statement given they are both very similar drinks i.e. are made from a sour mash.

And it is whiskey not whisky 

Saw this today myself and was going to share - good find OP.

Pretty sure its not been less than £16.50 in a year or more.

The bottle being sold in Tesco (the branch I went to anyway in London - Kensington) is an older type than the one that's in ASDA and is now discontinued from production, I understand. So this could have some appeal to bottle collectors out there.

On the "you can't compare" subject above (that forever crops up in these threads), I say you can compare because they are ultimately both types of American whiskey, which is a term defined by the US Code of Regs. When I go out to buy an American whiskey, i don't limit to whether what I have is a sour Mash or a bourbon or a rye or corn , and I'd reckon most other folk, with an interest, do the same.

Some might say that you can't compare Islay Scotch (Scotch again being a defined term) with Speyside, but ultimately it is done - Jim Murray's Bible being just an example. In the same way as all Scotch is Scotch , American whiskeys are all American whiskeys.

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