Jim Beam Devils Cut @ ASDA, instore & online

Jim Beam Devils Cut @ ASDA, instore & online

Found 8th Oct 2016Made hot 21st Oct 2016
Genuine Beam Bourbon® Extra-Aged Extra-Aged in the heart of Kentucky, Jim Beam® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made for those who take their bourbon seriously. Jim Beam® Devil's Cut® is a distinctly bold bourbon full of rich, intense flavors.

There are also discounts on other Jim Beam lines.


OOS online

i've just tested it from a PC and its in my basket.

i bought some last year at £16 a bottle. its a good price if you want to try it. it is NOT Jack Daniels and taste nothing like JD if that helps

ye this is a nice drink, JD is crap. the devils cut is far superior imo.

Agreed, it's a more refined version of normal Jim Beam. I love this stuff, grabbed a few bottles in store today

Not keen on normal Jim Beam, but picked this up last night and liked it

A deal on another varient for those interested - Jim Beam Double Oak Whiskey 70 cl
£19.99 @ amazon.co.uk

Finally might manage to get this tried haha!

Got a half price bottle of johnnie walker black last week,so dissapointed
Think their bog standard red is better lol

Heat - definitely worth a try at this price

must say...

150% worth the extra few quid over standard JB

Standard JB is £12 in there just now.
But yeah, even bypassed Buffalo Trace on offer for this! Lovely stuff! Although BT was better when it first came over, before they reduced the strength...

Just picked some of this up
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