Jim Beam Honey 700ml £13 @ Tesco

Jim Beam Honey 700ml £13 @ Tesco

Found 12th Nov 2017
It's back on again, until 01\01\2018 according to website, so must be nationwide. Same price as Amazon, but better if you don't have a Prime Account. Jack Daniels Honey also reduced to £15 same as the Asda deal, that expires 20\11\2017.
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Ok, I thought it was pretty obvious, but if I have to spell it out... for this purpose though, I'll run on the assumption not everyone has an Amazon Prime account nor lives near an Asda.

The Jim Beam: Without a Prime account, you're either going to have to pay for shipping costs on a single bottle from Amazon (deal is you save shipping costs) or buy multiple bottles, to qualify for free shipping and wait up to 5 days for them to arrive (deal is essentially saving 5 days wait). There is also the obvious drop of £4.50 per bottle on the usual Tesco price.

The Jack Daniels: Wasn't put in a deal on it's own, intentionally, as it is only the same price as Asda. It was a side note (in essence) in the main deal for anyone (like me) who doesn't have an Asda near them. Without said Asda nearby, the deal is you're saving £10 on the usual over-inflated price Tesco charge.

Hope that clears it up.
for those without amazon prime its a good deal,however I bought this off amazon earlier this year for £11. previous to this £12
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