Jim Beam Honey Bourbon - £10.50 Amazon Prime day deal

Jim Beam Honey Bourbon - £10.50 Amazon Prime day deal

Found 11th Jul 2017
Another Prime day deal showing as having about 17 hours left to run. Also showing as free delivery on my app (possibly as it's a grocery purchase?). But at this price I bought a couple of bottles anyway.
IMO not quite as nice as the Jack Daniels Honey but at less than half the price I'm happy. Just a shame I got a couple of bottles for £13 at Asda at the weekend!
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Personally, much prefer this to the Jack Daniels version which is really sweet and tastes like honey with bourbon added, this tastes like bourbon with honey added... If you get what I mean
yeah, I had to buy another bottle! couldn't pass it, a tenner !!
Could anyone confirm what it cost them please? For some reason I only got charged £8.62? So I got it £1.88 cheaper!?
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