Jim Davidson - Jim Davidson's Bulging Package - £17.89 Delivered @ Sendit
Jim Davidson - Jim Davidson's Bulging Package - £17.89 Delivered @ Sendit

Jim Davidson - Jim Davidson's Bulging Package - £17.89 Delivered @ Sendit

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On the Offensive - Live
Jim's back! Filmed live on location at a Cypriot army base with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Welsh, Jim had the troops cracking up with laughter, so you're sure to enjoy this! Sit back and enjoy Jim's hilarious take on political correctness, the truth about Hell's Kitchen, stories about Afghanistan and army life and many more side splitting jokes. Get ready to be rocked and shocked with Jim's ferocious sense of humour... if you dare!

Jim & The Boys - Live
On September 15th 1996 Jim Davidson, 50 crew members, 4 articulated trucks, 1 ton of scaffolding, 200 lights and a 20,000 watt rock sound system arrived at Drawsko Pomorski, Poland where Jim put on the biggest and most outrageous outdoor comedy event ever staged for our boys in uniform.

Xposed - Live
Find out the truth about Jim Davidson - the bonking, the boozing and the break-ups, as Britain's best-loved comic reveals all in an x-rated performance that must rank as one of his best. Jim gives frank and incredibly funny answers to personal questions about his private life, asked by a celebrity audience. So if you want to know if Jim's ever had a gay experience, how many models he's slept with or how he coped in Saudi with no alcohol...look no further this DVD has all Jim's outrageous answers.


Good price, voted hot.....
....but who would actually want this?

**** and expensive

Original Poster

Why is it expensive?

It includes his latest live dvd and 2 others!

50p is expensive for that pratt!

I'll take that back its not expensive - its a good deal for it at present but he is still *****

Jim's interview on TV a while back had me in stitches..

blaming his mistress for selling her story to the papers.. and saying if she hadn't done that he would still be happily married.

What planet is that guy on?

Can't think why anyone find's him funny - he's not!

Surely the question is....
If you were stupid enough to buy this, could you get it cheaper?

He's an idiot:x

Jim's "humour" is so out of date that the sad little loser should have retired years ago.

The only reason he does the army gigs is that he can't get enough members of the paying public to fill a venue any more!

I must say, I really dislike the man. Not only is he not funny but there is a genuine malice behind his jokes which goes far beyond the politically incorrectness I expect of some comedians and do not generally have a problem with. I've not voted even though this may be a good price.

Apparently, his nickname is "currant" (or something like it) as that's what everyone calls him - as in "Jim Davidson's a complete currant!"

Three DVDs full of jokes about his neighbour "Chalky" and why England's gone to the dogs because of all the immigrants.

I'm all for edgy comedy, but Davidson's lack of 'edge' and reliance on sad old stereotypes is pathetic in this day and age.

Every penny spent on this oxygen thief is a penny wasted.

I bet this DVD was designed for Daily Sport readers.....

That title gave me a mental image I never, ever wanted in my mind!

What is the record for coldest ever item?
This is like liquid nitrogen!

Wouldn't even use this filth DVD as a coaster if it was free.
I hate this loser. He made his name and his money telling racist and sexist jokes, not clever or funny. My girlfriend's sister was once unlucky enough to have worked with him and by all accounts he's a nasty arrogant little man.
(is that better j_b?) ;-)
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