Jimmy Carr Live Dvd @Choices 99p
Jimmy Carr Live Dvd @Choices 99p

Jimmy Carr Live Dvd @Choices 99p

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The master of the offensive put-down and the razor-sharp one-liner, stand-up comedian Jimmy Carr performs live at London's Bloomsbury Theatre in 2008.


As much as 99p. That's expensive to watch Jimmy Carr!

Just kidding. Good price.

There's a £2.50 minimum order charge

Just got this 99p on Play.com from a seller as new

TradeItHere on play is Choices UK. with no minimum order charge !!

ordered quite a few things recently on play.com from this seller.

Good price - heat added

This guy does get kind of boring after a while - seen one show seen them all.

great price, excellent comedian!! HOT

Ordered quite few from Choices on Monday.Still waiting for delivery.Great prices poor service
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I'm not being condescending, I'm too busy thinking about far more important things you wouldn't understand.

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African child dies? I watched those, and couldn't help thinking, "well stop clicking your fingers!"

I did a gig in the US once for the homeless. I said "It's nice to see so many bums on seats".

British scientists have demonstrated that cigarettes can harm your children. Fair enough. Use an ashtray!

I had a survey done on my house. 8 out of 10 people said they really rather liked it.

I'm not worried about the Third World War. That's the Third World's Problem.

In Pizza Express you can get garlic bread with cheese and tomato. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but that's a pizza.

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My father always used to say, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger," - 'til the accident.

No matter how much you give a homeless person for tea... you never get that tea.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Rohypnol(TM).

My girlfriend bought a cook book the other day called 'Cheap and easy vegetarian cooking'. Which is perfect for her, because not only is she vegetarian...

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sweet - any other decent 99p dvds to take up to the minimum 2.50?

buying this with blades of glory and zoolander for a total of £3!
cheers for the original deal!

I just want to know how he manages not to eat anything after 6pm .......it might keep him thin but I would be starving !!

Never heard of him, any good?


buying this with blades of glory and zoolander for a total of £3!cheers … buying this with blades of glory and zoolander for a total of £3!cheers for the original deal!

Thanks for the pointer on the other DVDs, went for the same!


Bargain! but ive already got it, and its good if you like raw humour - to say the least! haha

Love JC - cheers OP

cracking deal, can't go wrong

5% quidco computer exchange will buy this off you for £2 or exchange voucher for £3 this will probably of changed though by time uve watched your copy

£1.40 over-priced but heat added if you're unfortunate enough to like JC.

my brother spotted this yesterday not sure if he bought it though.

i love jimmy, i have all 6 of his live dvds and nothing is ever repeated.

to those who dont like jimmy - dont post in a deal about him. just because you dont like him, doesnt give you the right to think youre better than us.

Jimmy Carr is Marmite - Love it or hate it

99p is an extremely hot deal for me - I'll have it off Play.com with the free delivery :-)


£2 cash or £3 exchange at CEX another free rental Hot!:D
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