JJB Half Price Football Shirt Printing for 7 days!
Not bad if you are considering buying a football shirt from there, go to checkout and it cuts the £10 into £5, which is reasonable for a name and number.

Not sure on availability offline.




Do all you people know went you buy a football shirt from JJB or any other high street shop, the shirt printing they use is only a “plastic” or “vinyl” replica printing and NOT Lextra printing as you would find on a player shirt, Lextra shirt printing is the official authentic and player size printing you can get, the same thing goes for the badges they use in shops, as they are smaller and not official player size.

I have try both sorts of shirt printing on my two last football shirts, and there no way I would ever go for the replica printing again as it just don't look as good as the Lextra printing


might seem a stupid question but when i go onto the website, i cannot see a place to actually enter the letters you want? It was there before the offer came up, but it's not there now? Is there a specific page you need to go on to choose your letters?
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