jjb sporsts 3 for 2 (maximuscle) £39.99
jjb sporsts 3 for 2 (maximuscle) £39.99

jjb sporsts 3 for 2 (maximuscle) £39.99

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went in to my local jjb sporst this morning and they have 3 for 2 on everything in the shop.includcing maximuscle products.
i picked up 3 tubs of cyclone for 79.99.
which roughly works out to be just over 26 pound a tub.if you buy them on there own they are 39.99 each.
the cheapest i have found them so far was on fleabay at 33.99.each


Maximuscle products are good, but they cost an absolute fortune.

Cyclone can be replicated much more cheaply by a bulk supplier such as myprotein.co.uk (myprotein). I think their comparable product (at a fraction of the price) is called Hurricane.

Avoid brand names for this kind of niche (ish) product and go for bulk suppliers such as bulkpowders, allinone, sports-nutrition.net , myprotein etc etc

For more info, have a look around the supps forum on muscletalk
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tried an eight week course of this cyclone (5 tubs) poundages went up and put on about 5 pound of lean muscle then plateaued. its like any supplements or training routines... you have to keep mixing up to give your muscles the stimuli to grow

Massively overpriced. Protein powder is protein powder/

Looking good there Papa ;-)

Nice, voted hot! That's for the offer not the pic ;-)
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