JJB Sports Clothes From £1
Just been to the local JJB sports and picked up a load of gym gear (jogging bottoms, t shirts etc) most for £1 each. The brands are Olympus and Champion. There was a lot more in stock in the store than is showing online although there are sale items online for £1. It seems to be more limited to certain sizes. Swimming costumes for £1, Swim Vest £1, T Shirts £1.24 etc etc

This seems to be better for women than men but ideal for anyone joining the gym for the new year!


Some decent deals on line thanks. Voted hot

Voted HOT! Bought some inline skates for £1 - obvioulsy not the best quality but ......bargain!

Why is this mens tight T-shirt on a female manakin ??


My local store (shirley) was poor, hardly anything marked down.

Pity they'll be heading down the tubes soon too

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My local store (shirley) was poor, hardly anything marked down.

The stuff wasn't marked down last night at my store (Telford), they were just starting to do it. I picked up a load of clothes that I was expecting to come to £38 but they went through the till at £14

Haven't found anything for £1, except a mingin Tshirt, but still between 20-50% stuff off in the sale so not to bad. Good price on the Champion hoody's!

They seem to be going down the Sports Direct route - shops which are crammed with junk.

cool! selling boxing gloves for a pound


Pity they'll be heading down the tubes soon too

Yes, Vicky Pollard will have to start shopping at "MadHouse" instead. :thumbsup:

I went in this afternoon and they had plenty of stuff- joggers, tshirts, etc. Voted hot although none of it was my to my style or liking .

Only found kids shinpads for £1 in ours today. Did have some other stuff at reasonable prices, only wish they would stock ALL SIZES on footy boots as yet again they didnt have adult size 11 in 3 styles that i picked.

Thanks for this, just ordered a pair of nike trainers, pair of champion shoes (for kicking around in), 2 champion T's, 1 Reebok Polo Shirt and 8 pair of champion socks ... all for just under £60 delivered ... just champion:thumbsup: (well apart from the nike and reebok lol)

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My local store (shirley) was poor, hardly anything marked down.

yes called in the one at nottingham total rubbish,rrps listed at jjb are laughable,champion tee shirts reduced from 39.00 to a tenner er! no thanks ,odd items at 1.00 but dont waste your time

JJB in Hayes. Picked up some inline skates and full judo suits for £1 each. What can that buy you these days? Voted liquid metal hot.

Oh yeah, and laces for 10p

Oooo excited to have a look!
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