JJB /Welcome Sports (Unreal Prices in Clearance Store)
JJB /Welcome Sports (Unreal Prices in Clearance Store)

JJB /Welcome Sports (Unreal Prices in Clearance Store)

Think this could jus be localy, but nipped int town today to see anew shop had opened. Nothing special and was likea jumble sale.

JJB have 2 relativly large shops here in Dundee but looks like that have taken a huge ammount of stock and thrown it in a temp lease shop and are flogging it for sale prices, then HALF of that.

Some of the deals are unreal,

Picked up my son who is 18months a pair of Aidas Adi Racers which in the JJB stor 2 mins down the road are £35 but were only £7.50 in this Welcome Sports.

Some of the other things i noticed were the Adidas TUNITS for £35.00, Adidas Preditors for £45.00

All the same with the trainers and clothing, everythings already reduced but its half price again when u get to the till even though theres no signs to say so.

There was so many more its not even worth listing much more or ill start blethering on more than i already have.

So if your from Dundee get in town and have look, if not from dundee keep an eye for signs for "Welcome Sports"



Whereabouts in Dundee is it?

one of these stores in Glasgow too in an old JJB shop

The clear out will be to pay for new Wigan manager Steve Bruce's whopping wage packet lol

Again, where in Dundee is it? I am on my lunch hour at 1pm and would like a nosey.

Found it. It is in the Murraygate at the Wellgate end on the corner across from the old next store. Bought a couple of pairs of New Balance trainers for £10 a pair. Prices are half the lowest marked price. Thanks to original posters 1mmaker and Heather0610.

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Hey The Kaiser, sorry not been onlione since i posted that.

Was speak to my mate who works in the jjb at Gallagher retail park. h said they are just taking all excess stock from both shops and selling it in there. He also said it will be getting topped up with stock throught the 5 week lease. so will need to nip by again ever so often

I got a pair of the Red Chilli Nike Mercurial Vapors for £12.50 oh and a pair of Puma Cell Trainers for £12.50 cant complain considering they cost £65 and the Mercurials range from £70-£100+ depending on which shop u go to.

so much potential to make some pennies on ebay lol.

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