Jls perfume £1 @ Poundshop

Jls perfume £1 @ Poundshop

Found 4th Nov 2014
£1 out the pound shop!. First post


been around for a few weeks

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Sorry didn't see it posted


Sorry didn't see it posted

hey, no worries

still not seen any in mine....make a great stocking filler :-)

Didn't know John Lewis's had their own perfumes.

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These were in the chesterfield store were i seen them

My daughter bought herself one from PoundWorld a couple of weeks ago.


Does this separate after a short time also?

They have Beckham too - the one in Bury did anyway ;-)

Jesus wept...

Sour poundland had madonna perfumes! Lol


Can't see it online

Bought this for £20 a year ago! Smells lovely though

a few garbage cheap secret santa work presents sorted then for the yr..

great little gift for a greyhound or an Alan Whicker

I love JLS and the thought of smelling like them too, is like a dream come true.


Shame JLS couldn't keep their original name, but apparently 'the monkees' was already taken

Misread the title of the post...all makes sense :-)

Are they still alive?

can I ask which pound shop these are in. I've been keeping an eye out for them in both poundland and pound world but no success


its in poundworld

I prefer J lo the singer/actor's perfume and I found a 50ml for £10 - I love the bottle it is stylish


get the pink one smells heavenly .....white one smells like soap and glory if you're a fan...aswell as river islands perfume....its basically a dupe..

I'm happy i got one even though the ladies at work look down their noses at pound land....would rather pay 20 pounds for this because its at somewhere more classy

There's a Poundshop.com (which was formerly hereforapound.com and poundshop.com joined forces with them). Only ever seen this in Poundworld stores.
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