JML Ruggies reusable rug grippers pk of 8 £1.99 @ Home Bargains

JML Ruggies reusable rug grippers pk of 8 £1.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 23rd Mar 2015
Just picked up a pack of these in my local home bargains,bristol.
These are £9.99 in most places that stock jml so this is a bargain.
Just put them on my rugs in the hallway and the dogs are running up and down playing and the rugs haven't moved once!
Off to get some more I think!
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how does it attach to your rug? with sticky stuff or like a velcro thing? I need it as my kids are constantly moving my rug out of place don't like the idea of the ones which you stick to the floor so this would be ideal.
It sticks to the back of the rug then it sort of sticks to the floor but it's not really sticky.
You can remove it easily then you just wash it and let it dry and you can use it again apparently.
It's a funny feeling sort of rubber,bit hard to explain really,but it comes with extra sticky pads as well incase it dosent stick the first time.
My rugs are still in place since this morning and I've had the dogs running up and down and the rest of the household walking over them and they haven't budged.
Can't rate these highly enough. Fantastic thing. Heat added
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