JML Snuggie Blanket £10 Instore at Asda

JML Snuggie Blanket £10 Instore at Asda

Found 31st Mar 2010
My local store in Basingstoke are selling pink, blue and red JML Snuggie fleece blankets for £10, I know Spring is here but worth keeping for next big freeze (even though I will be using mine tonight cos I am ffrreezziinngg!)

They are basically a fleece blanket with sleeves
Product Details -
So youre snuggled-up on the sofa, ready to relax. But every time you need to reach for the remote, take a sip of your cocoa or turn the page of your favourite magazine, your arms are exposed to the bitter cold, destroying the perfectly snuggly position it took you forever to get just right! This is where the undeniably cozy Snuggie from JML comes to the rescue! The toastiest blanket ever made, its a soft-to-touch fleece with large, loose sleeves - for warmth all winter long.
Forget throws and ordinary blankets! This gynormous, lightweight fleece makes the perfect gift for people who feel the cold, or those who are simply looking to save cash on their energy bills. Thick and luxurious, Snuggie will be your best weapon against the chill. No uncomfortable zips, seams or buttons just super-soft fleecy blanket to keep you warm and toasty!
* One size fits all Snuggie is for everyone!
* Machine washable and super soft
* 100% polyester (180gsm)
* Hands free design
* Choose from navy blue, red or pink
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I bought one of the Child-size ones at the weekend, for my 5-year old. What a load of carp!

Described as one size fits all kids, suitable up to 5ft. Well my 11 year-old is under 5ft, and it is far too small for my 8 year-old. Must be a pygmy on the box photo!

My own fault, I should have remembered that the J stands for Junk.

I have ordered the one on for £7.
Is this the one that is £5 in all the discount stores?
75% off in wilkinsons not sure how much though as didnt have original price on them just a red sticker
These are a nice idea if it is the soft fleece type material, so snuggly. But the ones are the harder fleece, feels like fuzzy felt, just not the same.

In the end I bought one of the large softie fleece sheets from Primark and sewed the sides up, did great over the winter
Got the adult version as a gift and bascially it is an ugly ill fitting fleece with a pocket square on the front of it. Kinda like a back to front housecoat..
15 quid in most place but I seriously do wonder if this is better than a heating blanket...? And wouldnt cold air go up the massive slits of arms anyways? Seems more of a bad halloween costume to i and i.

Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!! WTF Blankets … Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!! WTF Blankets lol

man, that is hilarious!

man, that is hilarious!

I know but its right, its a backwards dressing gown/house coat, wtf is wrong with you people, save on your heating bills wtf, whats a matter with bringing the quilt down, or good forbid A JUMPER.

Waste some more money you cant afford on a ****** fleece that will bobble, fade, fray and lose its shape in a week! And what about when you need to pee, you will freeze if your a man!

Theres even double ones and family size ones, what about when someones gotta pee in this predicament lololol :w00t:
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