JML Star Shower Motion: Outdoor/Indoor Moving Projection Light Half Price at JML £34.99

JML Star Shower Motion: Outdoor/Indoor Moving Projection Light Half Price at JML £34.99

Found 30th Dec 2016
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Motion button makes the stars twirl and dance!
Just plant it, plug it in, and watch the stars come out
Light sensor means it turns itself on and off
Uses extra-safe, low-intensity laser light
Projects laser star shower over 600 sq feet
Fully weather resistant for year-round use
Extra long 5m cable

With Star Shower Motion you can have a sparkling light show of laser lights that, when the motion button is pressed, spin and whirl in a sensational moving light display!

Every year is the same. You spend hours on a wobbly ladder in the freezing cold, hanging up miles of string lights on hundreds of nails, knowing you’ll have to take them all back down again in a few weeks. It only takes one to fail and the whole display is ruined. And when they do work, your electricity bill goes through the roof!

Introducing Star Shower Motion! The incredible ‘one-plug’ lighting solution that takes all the hassle out of Christmas lighting and will change the way you light your home forever!

In just seconds your house will be bathed in a stunning Star Shower with thousands of dazzling red and green laser stars covering over 600 square feet. And when you press the motion button, those thousands of lights spin, twirl and dance across your walls and floors!

The cutting-edge laser technology of Star Shower Motion gives you an amazing, holographic 3D effect on walls, windows, doors- even trees and lawns. But because it’s laser light, it uses only ONE PERCENT of the energy of traditional string lights, and costs a fraction of most LED lights and laser projectors.

To install Star Shower Motion couldn’t be easier. You just fix the clever mounting spike into the ground, screw in your Star Shower Motion, and plug it in!

Star Shower Motion has a light sensor so it automatically comes on when the light is low and goes off again in the morning, saving you from a daily trip out in the cold.

Star Shower Motion can be positioned out of sight, among shrubs and plants, up to 100 yards away and, because it’s made of weather-resistant advanced polymer, it’s virtually maintenance free, so you can leave it there all year round for Halloween, Easter, birthdays and any other special occasions.

Distance to surface Coverage
10 feet 206 sq ft.
20 feet 824 sq ft.
25 feet 1288 sq ft.
30 feet 1854 sq ft.
35 feet 2524 sq ft.
40 feet 3296 sq ft.
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Good price,bought a similar one off amazon,saves up and down a ladder hassle.
well, I voted hot!!! .....good reduction and saw this outside a house.....yes I've only seen it outside ONE house, but that's besides the point I was quite impressed......
I saw one too and thought that from the inside it must look like some scrote pointing a laser pen in your window!
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