Jobsworth 18 piece bike toolkit £19.99 at Planet X

Jobsworth 18 piece bike toolkit £19.99 at Planet X

Found 16th May 2014
Free postage on orders over £20, otherwise £2.50. Looks to be a rebranded version of this kit:…997

Jobsworth Tool Kit

The Jobsworth is an 18 Piece High Performance Tool Kit that brings workshop quality at a sensible price. This kit is ideal for the home mechanic or race weekends away; this all in one kit gets you rolling again. The tools are all kept safe in a durable plastic box with protective internal foam separating the two halves.

Kit Contains:
Workshop Tyre Levers
Chain Whip
Shimano Compatible External BB Spanner
Pedal Spanner 15mm Box Wrench with 14/15mm socket end
Shimano Style Hollow Tech 2 Tensioning Tool, features unique twist top for extra grip
Ball Ended Allen Keys (2, 2.5, 4, 5, 6)
Flat Bladed Screwdriver
Philips Head Screwdriver
2 double ended Cone Spanners (13, 14, 15, 16mm)
Chainring Bolt Tool
Puncture Repair Kit
Spoke Key 3.2, 3.3, 3.5
Crank Extractor
Cassette Tool
Splined BB Tool
Torx L Wrench
Chain breaker Tool, with replacement pin
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Good little kit this, but, be warned - I couldn't get the crank puller to work on a shimano crank. I was lead to believe it was a shim compatible set but I ended up buying the park-tool crank puller in addition.
just what I was looking for, thanks for posting.
Cheap and cheerful. Had mine for a few years and served me well. Low budget but fine for the home mechanic. I've managed to build a couple of bikes with it, so great for the price.
Looked good in the shop not used yet. Looks the same as the Edinburgh bike one that goes for a tenner more in their sale.
voted hot, bought chain splitter, ebay cassette remover and crank extractor for more..

you should add delivery cost
Now £34.99!
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