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Posted 29 November 2022

Jobsworth Torque Wrench And Workstand Bundle - £38.98 Delivered Using Code @ PlanetX

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The current code takes 20% off, which basically takes away the rather high delivery cost and gives you a good price point (Lower than the last few deals)

The code to use is BFBEST20

Previous deal back in October - HERE if you wanted to have a peep

Jobsworth Bicycle Repair Workstand

You've never got enough hands when you're working on the pride and joy, take the stress out of jobs with a workstand.

Super stable, height adjustable and a built in tool tray.

  • Steel construction
  • Adjustable height: 107cm to 188cm for comfortable working
  • Rubberised Jaw can be rotated by 360 for full adjustment
  • Jaws suitable for all frame and seatpost 25-40mm diameter
  • Max load : 27.21KG (60lbs)
  • Folds easily for storage
  • Tool tray

What's the point of an expensive, lightweight all carbon bike if you tighten up the bolts like a gorilla? Do it right with this amazing value for money torque wrench set.

  • 2-24NM range
  • Quick swap head
  • Super accurate torque tube design
  • Silent action

The Jobsworth Pro Torque Wrench uses a special torque tube design that does away with the click of less accurate wrenches. When the bolt reaches the correct tension, the shaft of the wrench pivots on the head of the wrench giving you the correct feedback that you've reached the correct torque value. Try using the wrench with one of the allen bits clamped into a vice and using a low setting 3-5nm to get a feel for how delicate the action is.

NB: Torque wrench has a minimum working setting of 2NM. Selecting a value below this level removes the 'torque limit' function and could result in overtightening of bolts. Please see the video below to see the subtle action of the torque head.

  • Torque Wrench
  • Hex Key Attachments: 3/4/5/5-L/6/8/10mm
  • T20 / T25 / T30 drivers
  • Secure carry case

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    I got this deal last year. The torque wrench is decent for anything other than bottom bracket and crank work where you are going to need a 1/2 drive with plenty of leverage, it's still in tip top shape after getting quite a lot of use but after 12 months the workstand is trashed and been replaced with a nice Park Tools workstand. Even when it was new it didn't really hold the bike well in anything other than where gravity wants to put it. The pipe brackets are all cheap plastic and just don't stand up to anything other than the lightest of demands (you are not going to get much help from it when doing a bottom bracket or when holding the bike vertically. They all required some carbon gripper paste right off the bat and even then didn't work great. My Jobsworth workstand is now relegated to a bike wash stand as it does still hold the bike with the wheels off the ground.

    My advice, get the torque wrench on its own for £20 but leave the workstand unless you are only planning to use it very lightly and not very often.
    Out of interest, how come you needed a torque wrench for a bottom bracket?
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    Thanks OP and @CeeJay1975 I bought the torque wrench for under £20 inc delivery, didn’t need the stand.
    Discount voucher worked on the wrench. I’m a happy HDUKer
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    Code expired
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    Saw a bunch of these at my local council
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    Thought this was a manual lawnmower from the gallery picture
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    I see people recommending the torque wrench part of this deal but, sorry, that doesn't make sense.

    The only reason to use a torque wrench is if you're working with fasteners that you really need to know are tightened to the correct spec, and if that's the case a low quality, cheapo is just not good enough to be relied upon. It *might* be correct, but it might also be miles out of whack and in those circumstances it's the same as just doing the bolt up until it feels right.

    If you need a torque wrench then you need a good one. Bite the bullet and pay for a Norbar.
    For my needs, it's fine. I don't have a £5000 bike but I'd like to know I'm not going overboard when it comes to tightening - I'll happily rip going to the proverbial cow's come home but suddenly I have to dial that back now I'm dealing with carbon fibre (a cheap, used bike I fixed up)