Joe 90 - The Complete Series DVD - £12.99 @ Zavvi

Joe 90 - The Complete Series DVD - £12.99 @ Zavvi

Found 7th Jan 2018
Professor Ian "Mac" McClaine, a brilliant computer expert, has invented

an incredible device called The Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record and

Transfer (Big Rat). It enables the knowledge and experience of one

person to be transferred to another. He demonstrates the machine to his

friend Sam Loover, by transferring his own brain patterns to his adopted

son Joe. Joe with the aid of this technology and some special glasses

becomes the world intelligence network's (W.I.N.) most special agent,

fighting for justice and saving human life.
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Why multiple posts?? just put them all on one
Great series. Brings back happy memories from my childhood. Difficult to vote hot though when it isn't the cheapest price around (assuming you have Prime).
33015818-LRiUn.jpgHeat added
Child exploitation cold
This theme tune is my ringtone
Sad, but true
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