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joe browns pure wool embroidered hand/wrist warmers - £15 @ Amazon / Dispatched and sold by Joe Browns

£15£3050% off
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Product Details
Material Composition
Outer: 100% Wool. Inner: 100% Polyester
Care Instructions
Hand Wash Only
Country of origin
About this Item
Keep warm in 100% pure wool
Stylish fingerless gloves
Mixed floral embroidery
Neutral colours go with everything
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    Keep warm in 100% pure wool. Yet the composition is listed as Outer: 100% Wool. Inner: 100% Polyester. So which is it?

    Seems a pretty pointless product anyway. Looks like some kind of unfinished sock or glove seconds. Who is this for anyway a nudist.

    At this time of year and temperature. Who isn't already wearing some kind of warm jumper, top or fleece anyway. Why would you need separate extra cuffs or loops round your wrist. Just buy a sweat band.
    wow! i think your opinion is probably shared by many looking at the cold votes! (always a bit gutting when you share something on here but hey ho!) for info they are made from wool with the addition of a lining (helpful to keep shape i imagine?) most other wool versions are more than £15 (though appreciate the usual high initial rrp even if they are joe browns popular brand!) i’ve personally found these type of gloves/wrist warmers much more comfy (and smarter!) than fingerless gloves and super useful for all the same reasons people buy those instead of full finger gloves - thinking that in the same way running wrists under cold water cools you down i’m assuming similar is true for warming there too?? 🎄✨
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    Little pricy considering it's missing the fingers!
    You're paying for the brand name, but surely if that's your thing, then this is a good deal... I didn't think product suitability for individuals was criteria for deal value?
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