John Adams Golden Coin Maker £7.50 @ Amazon

John Adams Golden Coin Maker £7.50 @ Amazon

Found 2nd Oct 2010
The usual RRP is £16.99
This magical mini-factory allows you to melt, wrap and stamp your own chocolate-filled, golden coins and medals; Choose from around 20 messages and pictures including: congratulations, good luck, happy birthday, smiley face, football, and lots more; Alternatively, create your own personalised designs, using the tools supplied, before wrapping coins and medals in golden foil; The Golden Coin Maker works with any chocolate buttons and foil, allowing you to replace components and keep your production line moving!


This looks a good price, but I have just read some of the reviews on Amazon, very interesting (!) summed up by this quote 'Do not buy this product unless you don't like your children much.'

We got a similiar set a 2 years ago (about £12) . Don't waste your money! can't melt chocolate very well, creates big mess and don't work! But the packaging looks good X) Went back to Toys R Us who said we weren't the first to return them and got our money back.

Yep its CRAP


it does work with patience! but what kid has that? my son loved it tho.

Thanks for this great deal! It was featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!
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