John Adams Hot Wires Electronics Kit @ Amazon - £29.99

John Adams Hot Wires Electronics Kit @ Amazon - £29.99

Found 8th Nov 2013
Lowest price on Amazon since Feb 2009.

249 reviews, 211 of those are 5 stars.

"Manufacturer's Description

The ultimate in snap together electronics. Build anything from a flying disc to a burglar alarm and check who's trying to sneak in your bedroom. There's a voice recorder, an FM radio with automatic station selection or even a lie detector and that's just for starters. Simply follow the full colour step by step instructions to become your very own resident electronics wizard.

Box Contains

Transparent assembly work station
Touch plate
Photo resistor
Battery units
Loud speaker
Sound ICs
Motor unit
Antenna coil
Power amp IC
FM high frequency IC
Recording IC
Full colour instructions"
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ordered for christmas looks a bargain with excellent reviews
thanks, my son will be well chuffed with this ! the amount I've brought from Amazon this week !!!!
I got this from the Argos 3 for 2 the other month - can't wait to give it my son, this is a fab price for it. Heat added
Excellent product and great price - Hot!!!

Anyone interested in this might want to look at too.
Fantastic product bought last year for my eldest son for £50 an just found on amazon for £29.99 so got it for my youngest son too! BARGAIN
Thanks, ordered.
Great price as i paid £45 last Christmas.
Ordered. My Son saw this on telly and was very excited.
Got one of these, great kit.
The instructions in our kit contained several mistakes, not sure whether they've been corrected or not, but John Adams emailed us out a set of pdf's with corrections.

The flying disc was the highlight for us, the kids eyes just about popped out of their heads with the speed the thing went upwards at. A lot of the other stuff they found a bit meh, due their young age, there is a lot of truly experimental stuff to do (swap components out for something else, see what the result is) but it's good fun, and there's enough there to cover a wide range of ages, possibly up to early teens.

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Wish I had one as a kid - heat added
Cripes! this web site is costing me a fortune. Yesterday was the Lego Millenium Falcon and today this.
For my son's Christmas I may add but I'll probably get as much fun out of them

Thanks and heat added
What age would you recommend this for?
Sorry just zoomed in on box it says 8+
EXPIRED - £40+ now..

Wish I had one as a kid - heat added

I did have one as a kid...and now a career in science
unfortunately missed it, back up to 40+
Ordered at 29.99
Just ordered 1 @ £29.99 two mins ago. Still a few left as it would let me order up to a max of 5.
I've just ordered one, not expired yet! Thanks for post, I've been waiting for these to come back in stock at Tesco's, great price!
It's expired now luckily ordered this mornin
Sorry my mistake it's still on for 29.99
Nope,still 4 left, just checked.
Thanks OP, my 6 year old has mentioned this several times after seeing ads on tv and this seems like a great price.
We've had this for about three years, still gets used. Highly recommend it.
Just ordered it at 29,99 so still available!
Had my eye on this. Ordered, ta.
Ordered. Thanks
Thanks OP, another present organised.
Just purchased for £29.99 so still available. Thanks for this.
We bought this at a boot fair last year, my then 6 and 3 yr old boys enjoyed making circuits straight away, excellent teaching aid while having fun at the same time
Great find... Order :-)
Ordered @ £29.99 still. Great Christmas gift for my godson.
any one purchased this item for £29.99 want to sell it to me?
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