John Candy Collection - Uncle Buck/The Great Outdoors/Brewster's Millions/Going Berserk/The Blues Brothers  £11.89 delivered @ send it

John Candy Collection - Uncle Buck/The Great Outdoors/Brewster's Millions/Going Berserk/The Blues Brothers £11.89 delivered @ send it

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Found 21st Jul 2008
Starring: Ian Giatti, David White, Joe Grifasi, Dixie Carter, Amy Madigan, Jerome Dempsey, Richard Pryor, Tovah Feldshuh, Ray Charles, Jean Kelly, John Belushi, Rebecca Gordon, Dan Aykroyd, Macaulay Culkin, Carrie Fisher, Steve Lawrence, Gaby Hoffmann, Steven Spielberg, Milt Kogan, Ernie Hudson, Chris Young, Jerry Orbach, Murphy Dunne, Stephen Collins, Paul Dooley, James Brown, Eugene Levy, Charles Napier, Garrett M. Brown, Cab Calloway, Hilary Gordon, John Candy, Twiggy, Pat Hingle, Blues Brothers Band, The, Annette Bening, Paul Reubens, Zoaume Le Roy, Jay Underwood, Stephanie Faracy, Robert Prosky, Alley Mills, Lonette McKee, Ji Tu Cumbuka, Aretha Franklin, Brian Tarantina, Hume Cronyn, Elaine Bromka, Henry Gibson, Laurie Metcalf, Richard Libertini, John Lee Hooker, Frank Oz, Joe Flaherty
Directed by: Howard Deutch, David Steinberg, John Landis, Walter Hill, John Hughes
Box set of films starring the American comedian. In 'Uncle Buck' (1989), Candy plays the jobless, happy-go-lucky slob of an uncle who is asked to babysit his niece and nephew (Gaby Hoffman and Macaulay Culkin) at short notice. His hidden flair for childcare soon emerges, even as his relationship with long-suffering girlfriend Chanice (Amy Madigan) takes a turn for the worse. John 'Home Alone' Hughes directs. In 'The Great Outdoors' (1988), Chet (Candy) is a family man whose summer vacation is ruined when his overbearing brother-in-law, Roman (Dan Aykroyd), invites himself along with his family. The rivalry between the two is based on Roman's so-called success and Chet's feelings of inadequacy, but all is not as it seems. In 'Brewster's Millions' (1985), Richard Pryor plays a man who stands to inherit $300 million - if he can first spend $30 million in 30 days without letting anyone in on the reason. This proves harder than he'd imagined, even with the assistance of team-mate Spike (Candy). In 'Going Berserk' (1983), limousine driver John Bourgignon (Candy) is engaged to Congressman's daughter Nancy Reese (Ally Mills). With her father, Ed, running for President, and determined to rid the country of cult leader Sun Yi, John's marriage preparations soon begin to take a turn for the worse. Finally, in 'The Blues Brothers' (1980), brothers Jake and Elwood (John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd) have sold their souls to rhythm'n'blues, but still lend a hand when the church orphanage in which they were raised is threatened with closure. Resolving to get their old band together and stage a fund-raising gig, the brothers have God on their side but everyone else against them - and that includes a bunch of Country and Western rednecks, an angry chapter of neo-Nazi thugs, the massed ranks of the Chicago police force, and Jake's psychotic ex-girlfriend Camille (Carrie Fisher).


Enhanced for WideScreen TV, Subtitles (English, French, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, Bulgarian), Subtitles for hard of hearing (English)
Soundtrack Languages

Unknown Sound Format: French, German, Italian, Spanish
Dolby Digital 2.0: English

Technical Details

Certification: 15
Duration: 500 mins
Format: DVD
Region: 2
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.33 (4:3) Standard / 1:1.85 (17:9) Theatrical widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0


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Good price but out of stock. (Available On Order means they don't have it and have to go direct to the supplier to get it.)

Original Poster SuperEd

next best price is £15.42(delivered) at amazon if they dont want to wait:p

The Great Outdoors still cracks me up :thumbsup:

One REALLY funny guy.

Sadly missed IMHO.

Does anybody know if this is a digibox?


One REALLY funny guy.Sadly missed IMHO.

May I echo your sentiments rizla. Very sadly missed.…STc

You may, of course.

This is worth a watch too.…c2Q


You may, of course.This is worth a watch … You may, of course.This is worth a watch too.

Thanks for that rizla. I just watched them all (7 in total!). Its such a shame. The world really is a little darker without the man.
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