John Carpenter Collection (7 Disc DVD Boxset) £17.99 + Free Delivery @ Play
John Carpenter Collection (7 Disc DVD Boxset) £17.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

John Carpenter Collection (7 Disc DVD Boxset) £17.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

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Titles Comprise:
The Fog (1980): A thick fog rolls into the sleepy town of Antonio Bay, concealing the ghosts of murdered sailors, desperate to seek revenge on the descendants of their killers. In one night, the inhabitants of this town will pay the ultimate price for their forefathers' murderous greed...

Assault On Precinct 13 (1976): Isolated, cut off inside an abandoned police station, a handful of cops and some convicts on their way to Death Row must join forces and defend themselves against the gang called Street Thunder, who have taken a blood oath to destroy.

They Live (1988): John Nada (Piper) is a struggling labourer who drifts into town and luckily scores a job at a construction site. Discovering a box of sunglasses, Nada swipes a pair and is shocked to find what he can see through them; billboards demand citizens 'Eat' or 'Sleep', TV shows spout orders at him and some people look rather less than human...

Escape From New York (1981): 1997. New York City is now a maximum security prison. Breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is insane. Manhattan Island has become a maximum-security prison for three million criminals. When the American President's plane is hijacked and crashed on the island, the President is taken hostage by gangland warlord `The Duke'. Sent to the rescue is Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), a former war hero, now a convicted criminal. To ensure safe return of the President, the police commissioner (Lee Van Cleef) has had tiny time bombs implanted in Plissken's neck: if he gets the President out within twenty four hours he gets a pardon; if not, he gets blown to pieces...

Prince Of Darkness (1987): Deep in the crypt of an old church absolute evil has been lurking in the form of the Sleeper, a sinister green liquid that contains the essence of the Devil himself. Discovered by a priest, this liquid is investigated by physics experts in the hope that science will help fight the battle against evil but their experiments unwittingly set Satan free...

Halloween (1978): 'Halloween' takes us into the world of a mad killer, Michael Myers, who at a very young age stabbed his older sister to death. Locked away for many years in a mental hospital Michael escapes one night and returns to his home to continue his killing spree. Jamie Lee Curtis, in her first role, plays the resourceful babysitter who is chased by the killer on Halloween night.

The Thing (1982): In the winter of 1982, a twelve-man research team at a remote Antarctic research station discovers an alien buried in the snow for over 100,000 years. Soon unfrozen, the shape-shifting alien wreaks havoc, creates terror and becomes one of them...


[FONT=Verdana]Some classic movies there including The Fog and The Thing.

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]

Really good collection - most of his best work contained in this.

Can't believe it doesn't contain the box office smash "Ghosts of Mars" though - a cinematic classic in every way!

Great collection of movies!

have some h&r good selection of his great work. Tho i do agree with above no ghosts of mars.:-D

Escape From New York!!! Awesome! Heat added.

No Big Trouble In Little China!? Hell of a collection though.

good collection of Capenter movies ;-)
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