John Frieda hair colour foam £2.50 (originally £10) @ Sainsburys

John Frieda hair colour foam £2.50 (originally £10) @ Sainsburys

Found 5th Feb 2012
75% on 3 shades of John Frieda Precision Foam Colour (Light Golden Brown, Dark Red Brown and a blonde shade, forgot which) £2.50 instead of the original £10, in local (NI) Sainsbury's.

I do not see it online and I have no idea whether is national, so have a look when you next go to your local Sainsbury's if you're interested. You do have to make sure you get the reduced colour shades, as all the rest are still priced at £10
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It's still £10 online, so possibly store specific

If this link works, this is it: (The light golden brown is on page 4, three from the bottom).…2ZM!-1183912351?bmForm=deep_link_groceries_search_javascript&bmFormID=1328469091863&bmUID=1328469091863

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I Picked couple boxes up on Thursday was only blonde reduced at our local Ferndown
I picked up 2 of these today in the Rhyl store, they had three colours, Light Ash Blonde, Light Golden Brown and also had Dark Red Brown, all of them only £2.50 each, great, plenty left at lunch time today, many thanks.
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