John Gower - How to Spot Scams Online [Kindle Edition]  - Was £3.33  Now Free To Download @ Amazon

John Gower - How to Spot Scams Online [Kindle Edition] - Was £3.33 Now Free To Download @ Amazon

Found 14th Jan 2012
Thought I'd Post this As just had an email telling me that a millionaire relative I've never heard of , has been killed in a gas explosion in Zimbabwe and left me their fortune in a will. All I need to do now is give my sort code & Bank Account details .
Hope This Book Helps Someone & It's Free Not A Scam...... Honest !!!!!!
** Check Book Price Before Downloading As Subject To Change ****
If you are not familiar with online scams, you should read this entire book carefully. This book will teach you how to spot and avoid con-artists. Scams are growing more and more each prevalent day. This book will help you fight scams. Instead of becoming a victim of it, This book will inform you on where to report a scam if you come across one. It will also teach you the five major scams that are going on in today's world as we speak. This book is a life saver. Visit for more information.
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Thank you
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Thank you

You're Welcome ... Hope You Enjoy The Book
It's a very small book, a 10 minute read at most and very american, still it does have the email
address of the usa secret service in case you need help! oO
It does have some advice and tips which are generally applicable and it is free.
Neither hot nor cold - Neutral
My condolences.

Not free anymore - now £2
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My condolences.:{

Many Thanks
Not free.. £3.99 now!
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