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JOHN LEWIS Burswood Child Drum Kit 1/2 Price - ONLY £30.00
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JOHN LEWIS Burswood Child Drum Kit 1/2 Price - ONLY £30.00

Posted 11th Dec 2012
Biught my son a drum kit from Argos a couple wks ago... its plastic and colour ful... cheap & cost £25! Might last a week or 2!

Went into ajohn Lewis a couple days later & seen a mini 'real' drum kit!! like an adults has been put in a shrunking machine!! It was fabulous.. and £60 - so i settled for the one i had!

ANYWAYS.... Iv never forgot and keep going back to te website, looking at the fantastic one and debating going for it!

Then... Today I did my regular "check & debate" and it was HALF PRICE!!! Down from £60 to £30!!

I know someone posted yday with a bruin one for a tenna... but lets face it all the reviews said it was rubbish & didnt last 5 mins... I would rather pay £30 for a good quality John Lewis one anyday... infact... iv been toying with paying £60... Also free click & collect in store!

I know not everyone is happy to have their eardrums rattled but for those who are its a great price :-) HAPPY HEARING!!
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Thanks OP. I know of one little nephew that will be happy this Christmas, my brother and sister-in-law less so!
I just have to find someone i really dislike with small children now.....
I"m on my phone so can't access the link, does anyone know what age this is suitable for ? Thanks

I"m on my phone so can't access the link, does anyone know what age this … I"m on my phone so can't access the link, does anyone know what age this is suitable for ? Thanks

It says suitable from 6 years old
haha!! i know, i must be a glutten for punishment :-P My neighbours hae given me hell with noise since i had my little boy... PAYBACK TIME!! haha!!

Also says online suitable for 3+ but i must be mad because my son is 1 and we had great fun in store with it... i will be hiding drum sticks though for a while!! haha
Thank you OP.
Thank you! my nephew will love his xmas present!!!
thanks op great find, my loud little one will love this
pity the parents whose kid gets this - especially if there's not a spare room (or shed even) to put it in!
Great gift for someone elses kids x
The little man wanted a drum kit - do we want the racket ?
Brilliant, my hell raising four year old could give animal a run for his money on this........question is, is it worth my inevitable decline into madness?
Fingers crossed no one in my family goes on this site! NO my dd does not want one!!
(good price though)
Thanks, should get very hot. ordered for friends kids - friendship will probably end early new year!
Fantastic gift for a nephew of mine....
shame my daughter is only 2. would have bought 1 of these otherwise just to annoy the fcuk out of the misses lol. this is defo a bargain. heat added
well me son is only 1 but i bought it.. we played with it in John Lewis (with hands not sticks) and he LOVED it!!
Thanks, been contemplating a kit for my son for sometime now. This will be for his birthday in feb. Heat added as usually £60 on ebay
Bought this for my son last Xmas great fun and well used, but now in the bin, as the supports for the drums fell off.,,,...still kept the seat....I'd say maximum years use of this, but I may have been unlucky
Thank you so much! My daughter keeps asking for drums but she is only little little. I have been struggling to think of something else for Christmas so this is perfect! Ordered!
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Out of stock!
Ah, great gift for the children of people you don't like
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ohhh absolutely gutted I missed this, been looking for this drumset for my daughter for ages, all the other ones look flimsy! bums!
hey keep checking over next 24hrs.. sonetimes ppl put them in basket but dont go thru checkout then they go back on system happened for me a few times! x
I am tempted to look out for this again, to get my other half to go with his drum collection. He already has 2 full sized kits, lol.
Ordered last night, delivered to Waitrose at 11.. fab service from John Lewis!
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