John Lewis Hampers - Further Reductions - 60% off
John Lewis Hampers - Further Reductions - 60% off

John Lewis Hampers - Further Reductions - 60% off

Took me a long time to think about this one, what with adding up the values and working out whether or not it was worth it... .Especially after the two HouseofFraser hampers I got last year, some contents of which are still on my shelves.... anyway.

Basically there was a previous post on hampers from John Lewis, but there have been further reductions, most notably at the top end. I've gone and bought the

The Glyndebourne
The Festival

There are a variety of vouchers you can use, although I had to put them through seperately starting with the "First Order from JL" 10 off 50, and then the 10 of 100.
BTW - if you dont register and use different email addresses but same card and delivery address then you can do this in reverse order. I dont think that JL even validate anyones first order check.

The long and the short is that the booze and value items at the best prices individual come to generally about 70% of the total basket value. Then you get lumped with food you dont really want. Flip side is I get to try things and wines I would have never bought, and anything I dont like - e.g Christmas Puds I do something with like give away to 'mates'

Its a funny situation this one, I may cancel mine, bt Ill let HUKD democracy savage or praise this deal with the usual volleys of gracious or pious clicks :-)

6% quidco...


Just goes to show how vastly overpriced these were in the first place .

Food has a sell by date so these can only go down & down & down if you are prepared to wait .

Voted hot for the deal but freezing for JL prices

Poor value when you consider that most of the food would never have been bought usually. I'd rather pik n mix at Tesco or Asda personally. Yeah, the RRP is shocking.
The booze comes to between 50 - 70% of the reduced price LOL


Why on earth anyone would want to buy that at £75 let alone £150 astounds me.
If you look at the labels, they are all foods that can be picked up in Tesco for probably £25 cheaper.


Even at half price these things are still overpriced and expensive. Voted Cold.

Now the Luxury hamper must be a bargain, reduced from £500 to only £200 ;-)

On second thoughts I might wait a little.......

I very nearly was tempted. All I could see was the £100's off each hamper. But further glimpses suggest that the food can be purchased else where cheaper, plus a lot of the items are too posh for me. I am also wary of how much of the price incorporates the cost of the hamper basket.

For anyone interested in buying hampers. Tesco Direct have a Christmas Branded Hamper reduced from £50 to £18.75. Cat no 100-1342. Contents include:

75cl Cordon Negro Brut Sparkling White Wine, 75cl Italiano Red Wine, 75cl Villa Sylvia Pinot Grigio White Wine, 227g Twinings Rich Coffee Blend, 220g Twinings Chocolate Excellence, 235g Farmers Market Real Ale Pickle, 235g Farmers Market Aromatic Five Spices Chutney, 227g Farmers Market Quince Jelly, 90g Bonne Maman Butter Galettes, 240g EPC Wild Crangberry Sauce, 370g Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve, 370g Bonne Maman Mandarin Marmalade, 350g Mathew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding, 150g Walkers Petticoat Tails, 125g Duc d'O Dark Truffles

As already said you can go in and buy this stuff in Sainsburys or Tesco cheaper than their reduced prices - they are going to need to lower these more to shift them me thinks.

Original Poster Banned

FYI I canceled mine.

JL Custmoer Service was poor for me btw

Still over priced even with discounts , plus i doubt someone will like everything in the hamper anyway.
I dont think its good vaule for money at all.


FYI I canceled mine.JL Custmoer Service was poor for me btw

I know everyone seems to think their customer service is fantastic but the 2 experiences i have had with them were both terrible. Asda give you better customer service than them!

Even at the reduced price these are an absolute rip off - the indiviual items can be bought for far less elsewhere.

over priced..

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132 degrees tho!!!


132 degrees tho!!!

But that's because people are voting hot before they look at what's actually in the hampers.


For anyone interested in buying hampers. Tesco Direct have a Christmas … For anyone interested in buying hampers. Tesco Direct have a Christmas Branded Hamper reduced from £50 to £18.75. Cat no 100-1342.

Just had a look at this at it is now £9.37!!!!!! Out of stock unfortunately though. I saw these instore and it was worth it for the wicker basket to be honest.

I bought the Henley hamper earlier in the week for £75, used the £10 off voucher, so got it for £65 + quidco, I got the hamper today, I mainly bought it for the hamper case and cutlery/plates etc, they are excellent quality, the 3 bottles of wine and Port are worth £15 on their own.

As stated, the food is near its sell by date, but the Henley was not really an Xmas hamper, so most of stuff is ok for a few months at least.

Looking at the JL site now, the Henley has not changed price, shame, I was hopping they'd reduce the price and I could ring and get them to price match it down !!!

If you are looking for a good hamper basket and accessories, I would recommend the Henley hamper at this price.

My hamper has just arrived and it is pretty pi** poor. I have made a request for it to be returned. It is as light as a feather as there is so little in it.

not sending mine back but it is hardly worth what paid even in the sale, and the chutney had spilt and made things sticky.

I went onto the site and had a look when the offer was first posted, and they CLEARLY list what is in each hamper. It was obvious by reading the lists that the hampers were not good value even at the reduced price, unlike the Tesco ones. So I don't understand why you didn't do that...
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