John Lewis JLJAS0943 Digital Telephone and Answering Machine, Trio DECT now £30 @ john lewis
John Lewis JLJAS0943 Digital Telephone and Answering Machine, Trio DECT now £30 @ john lewis

John Lewis JLJAS0943 Digital Telephone and Answering Machine, Trio DECT now £30 @ john lewis

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was £99 now £30
This smart John Lewis JLJAS0943 phone and answering machine arrives in a smart black and silver design with a colour display. It has up to 8 hours talk time (100 hours standby) and you can store up to 200 of your most frequently used names and numbers. You can store up to 24 minutes of recorded messages and access your messages remotely.
Caller Display will show you who’s calling before you answer the phone (requires subscription to your network’s Caller Display service). It also features an alarm clock, timer, calculator, torch, and room monitor. With 2 additional handsets and a free 3-year guarantee for your peace of mind.



excellent phones

Does this have call screening where you can listen to the caller on the answer machine if your not sure who it is and you dont want to answer

they also have the twin and quad sets on offer

Quad set for £40:00 nice. How good are these and user feedback?

anyone know if these take aaa batteries? Doesn't say in the description.

I bought a trio set of JL phones a few months ago - not sure of code number but look very similar to these. Don't think ours has call screening.

Good things are that the sound quality is ok (not great but ok) and the 3 year warranty. Easy to set up and use. Bad thing is the ring tone volume is poor - too high pitched and even top volume setting is not loud enough. If we are upstairs we do not hear them ringing downstairs. Also quite plasticcy and lightweight, but most home phones are like that nowadays.

We are planning to get an old school corded phone in the hall anyway (no electric socket in there), but the volume thing is a big drawback. I missed an important call the other day because I didn't hear the phones ring.

We have had numerous cordless phones - BT, Siemens, - and all have gone wrong after about 2 years, so it was the JL warranty that swung it for me. You can always return them if you find the volume unacceptable.
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2 questions for anyone that has these:

Does it use rechargeable aaa batteries?

Does it have a speakerphone option?


Now out of stock

you can still get the quad for £40

very tempted but grateful if someone cld confirm if this does have a speaker/handsfree function.

Just ordered the quad set, we're tough on phones too, so hope having four means we'll hear them. Thanks!!!!!!!:{

Ordered some of the quads yesterday, hopefully they will be better than my BT ones!!

My quad set has arrrived and been setup. First thoughts are very impressive. Each handset uses standard AAA NiMH batts (supplied). There is a handsfree on each handset and the keypad illuminates for easy dialling in the dark. All this with a 3yr warrantly. Absolute bargain for £40.

link not working

Can someone let me know if you need phone sockets in each room or do you just need to connect the main set to the line?

why did you not put expired on phone

anyone got a link for the quad, cant seem to find them

got the quad set couple of weeks ago, very happy. all the phones other than the main one with answer machine only need a plug socket

Also cant find the quad set, anyone got a link?
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