John Lewis Price Match now live

John Lewis Price Match now live

Found 27th Feb 2018
Price match across lots of areas including beauty (10-15%)
10% off selected Perfume

10% off selected Face Make-up

10% off selected Eye Make-up

10% off selected Lip Make-up

10% off selected Moisturisers

10% off selected Bath & Shower

10% off selected Gift Sets

10% off selected Aftershave

10% off selected Men's Grooming

25% off selected Shoes & Boots

25% off selected Handbags

25% off selected Purses

20% off selected Women's Watches

20% off selected Lingerie & Underwear

14% off selected Calvin Klein

20% off selected Men's Levi's

20% off selected Men's Converse

20% off selected Rockport

20% off selected Men's Watches

20% off selected Yumi

10% off selected Children's Converse

10% off selected Kickers

10% off selected Dr Martens

The competitor’s prices need to be publicly available to all customers. For us to verify these prices, they need to be displayed in the competitor’s own shop or on their website, or be the first price quoted to our price monitoring team over the telephone. The price must apply to a new, identical individual product, that’s the same make, model, size and colour.

We are happy to consider an individual price match for a competitor which is further than eight miles from one of our shops. Should we agree to your request, if they do not have a nationwide presence, we are unlikely to adjust our national or local selling price.
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This is not a deal
Ok - I'll tell you ,so you will understand why its going cold .

A generic Email from J Lewis sent out a couple of times a week - no offer I'm afraid .

Similar one is "Today we are matching a competitors offer"

J Lewis aren't bad -just that these emails aren't deals .
Well it is a deal if there's money off full price items
Not a deal. They are just making customers aware they price match
I wonder if it might do better if you find some examples of the things with money off?
Hi @Bargainqueen901
This is pretty much well known so I'm afraid that coupled with not much info in the OP has (will) result in some cold votes.
I have added some meat to the bones and popped some basic info into the OP as there is a bit more to it than just a price match.
We know about this.
confusion reigns
It has money off lots of items .people are misunderstanding . Its not about them price matching
Drea34 m ago

Not a deal. They are just making customers aware they price match

This isn't true. They've got money off hundreds of items. Maybe if you followed the link...
FYI They don’t price match a deal which involves the input of a code. Eg. I wanted to price match a curry’s iPad deal which involved a code to take £25 off, they wouldn’t match it in store, I then phoned up as I wasn’t happy they gave the same reason over the phone. I think this is contrary to their “never knowingly undersold” guff.
price match or price fixing very fine line.
Worst deal ever
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