John Lewis - Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Wifi 32GB - £299 (was £399) until 1st Dec 2015

John Lewis - Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Wifi 32GB - £299 (was £399) until 1st Dec 2015

Found 28th Nov 2015
Bought this a few weeks ago and hadn't got round to opening the box. Decided to return it and in store noticed the price had dropped from £399 to £299 since I bought it at the start of the month. The Samsung rep happened to be around (probably due to Black Friday) and said it'd be worth trying to get back the difference. Was refunded the difference as it was still unopened. Now to decide if I'll find a use for it at £299

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Quad-core Exynos, Android, 9.7", Wi-Fi, 32GB, Gold
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Good price ....Thinking ...
Why the downvotes? Where can I get it cheaper?

Same price in Currys/PCworld but that's it.
I think the downvotes aren't because of the tablet but because Samsung are now charging prices similar to Apple. Ergo, they are bad so get automatic cold votes.

I'm sure many years ago it was the years of Apple, then recently Samsung. This year it's the chinese brands. Perhaps next year we'll see indian or russian brands make waves right here.

Edited by: "whw" 28th Nov 2015
Yes, £400 (the previous price) is way too high but £300 for a tablet this size and spec is entirely normal. Not worth down-voting. The Nexus 10 was this price at first, so was the Nexus 9. This is an ok price, not scorching hot but not down-vote worthy.
If the iPad 32gb was this price people will go mental over it. Oh well, no logic to this place...
This might be the cheapest today but by no means a black Friday deal. This was at the same price a few months ago at curry's together with a chrome cast. Cold for me.
This is the same price it's been for ages.
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