John Mills The Centenary Collection II: Icon Box Set (7 Discs) - £6.85 @ Powerplay

John Mills The Centenary Collection II: Icon Box Set (7 Discs) - £6.85 @ Powerplay

Found 1st Apr 2009
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This box set features the following films:

Car Of Dreams (Dir. Graham Cutts and Austin Melford) (1935): John mills stars as playboy Robert Miller, the son and heir of a wealthy tycoon who owns a musical instrument factory. Robert is in love with Vera Hart (Grete Mosheim), a poor girl who works at his father's factory--but neither is aware of the other's true identity. When Robert anonymously buys Vera a Rolls-Royce, he discovers her low social class and must further conceal his identity to avoid a family scandal.

This Happy Breed (Dir. David Lean) (1944): A dramatisation of Noel Coward's play which details the lives of ordinary people between WWI and WWII.

The Way To The Stars (Dir. Anthony Asquith) (1945): In 1940, a deserted airfield somewhere in the heart of England becomes a bustling bomber command station. In 1942 advance units of the American Air Force arrive to join The Royal Air Force and help turn the tide of World War II. So unfolds the story of a group of flyers and their 'missions'.

Peter Penrose (John Mills), a young RAF pilot is sent to Halfpenny Field, close to the small town of Shepley. His Squadron Leader, Flight Lieutenant David Archdale (Michael Redgrave) gives him inspiration and encouragement and they fast become friends. They are joined by a young American pilot Johnny (Douglas Montgomery) which complicates the friendship. This is the story of the group's private lives - particularly their loves during war-time.

The Long Memory (Dir. Robert Hamer) (1952): After a long jail term for a crime he did not commit, a man is torn between revenge or making a new life for himself.

The Vicious Circle (Dir. Gerald Thomas) (1957): When Dr Howard Latimer finds the German Actress that he has just met at London Airport murdered in his flat, it leads him into the world of murder, blackmail and a fake passport scam.

Above Us The Waves (Dir. Ralph Thomas) (1955): The dramatic World War II story of Britain's heroic attempts to sink the monster German battleship Tirpitz in a Norwegian Fjord using midget submarines.

In this adventure of unsurpassed courage, the crews of the Navy become human torpedos.

Tiger Bay (Dir. J. Lee Thompson) (1959): Polish sailor Korchinsky (Buchholz) is furious to discover his lover has left him for another man and, in a confrontation, murders her. The crime is witnessed by 10 year old Gillie (Hayley Mills) who steals the gun used and as officer Graham (John Mills) closes in, Korchinsky abducts Gillie...

Forever England (Dir. Walter Forde) (1935): A war drama, based on the story by C.S. Forrester, in which the illegitimate son of a British naval officer singlehandedly brings about the downfall of a German battleship during World War I


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