John Q : Blu-ray  DVD - £5.99 delivered @ HMV

John Q : Blu-ray DVD - £5.99 delivered @ HMV

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Found 27th Mar 2010
John Q. Archibald (Denzel Washington) is struggling through a recession trying to provide for his son Mikey (Daniel E. Smith) and his waitress wife (Kimberly Elise). Mikey collapses at a Little League game and is rushed to a hospital. The situation is bleak. Only a heart transplant will save Mikey's life. John's HMO refuses to cover the expensive surgery. With the hospital and his insurance provider unwilling to help and his wife pleading with John to act, he takes matters into his own hands, holding the hospital's renowned heart surgeon (James Woods) and several others hostage in an emergency care wing until the surgery will be performed.
Nick Cassavetes directed this attack on the American health care system. Like his previous feature, SHE'S SO LOVELY, Cassavetes proves adept at mining the political ramifications out of human drama. The film criticizes hospitals and health care providers for working in collusion against the working class. This moving drama is propelled by the intense lead performance by Washington as one man against an unjust system.
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Great deal. Thanks.....................
This is one of the best movies i have ever seen. If i didn't already have it on dvd i would buy it.
Yes , I saw it a few months back , superb film & true events I believe .
Great great movie, very good price for a bluray too. Personally I dont vote if its not a good movie as I dont think buying a rubbish movie cheaply represents good value, I dont vote cold either, just dont vote. This is hot
AGREE, very very good film, my fav actor .hot
Excellent film. Denzel on top form. :thumbsup:
Never seen it myself, but I bet Obama enjoyed it.
Ordered, thanks OP.:thumbsup:
My wife and I love Denzel ever since Man On Fire and want to start a BluRay collection of his films. Looks like a good start and haven't seen this one yet.
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