John Smiths Extra Smooth 20x440ml £11@ Morrisons

John Smiths Extra Smooth 20x440ml £11@ Morrisons

Found 19th Jan 2013
Instore and online

Expires 25th March.....
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I like a bit of that ice cold and smooooooooth. Refreshing too at 4% or so.
a good deal if its right, but cant find it on their page. Not a bad shop, but whoevers running that company need a kick up the a***, websites a joke and its losing out to other companies that are trading in the 21st century!
Good deal.
Thanks for the post.
I agree they are behind the times re website and must be losing custom.
Not a bad price
appears to be a good deal.... ASDA have it at £15.98

stock up before they water it down and put the price up:-…tml
Can,anyone confirm this....Has a good buy,but finding a car parking our local,is hell,,on Saturday!
I can! Saw it in store yesterday, and checked their site today before posting!!!
@ grmelv...Weldone,that man,you are a star,i was just,I saying need a good beer offer,and you find this! And just before they change the %.......will be poping down,in a min!
not in norfolk pal
Eh! And would you,guess it,NO,our store In Bideford,had none,asked staff,checked out back,asked Manager and they know,nowt about it.and this is a big store,they don't even do home delivery at Morrison,so gutted!
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