John Wayne Box Set: Big Trail / North To Alaska / Comancheros / Undefeated (4 Discs) only £9.99 delivered @ WH Smith + Quidco!

John Wayne Box Set: Big Trail / North To Alaska / Comancheros / Undefeated (4 Discs) only £9.99 delivered @ WH Smith + Quidco!

Found 7th Jan 2009
John Wayne was the archetypal hero of the classic Hollywood western. He starred in nearly 250 films and was once described as an extra star on the American flag. One of Hollywood's most enduring stars, this is a collection of four films that span his career and celebrate his success.John Wayne Box Set Includes:The Big TrailIn this sweeping pioneer adventure, a courageous young scout (John Wayne) leads hundreds of settlers across treacherous cliffs, through brutal snowstorms, Indian attacks and buffalo stampedes to their destiny out west. Along the way, he loses his heart to a beautiful pioneer woman (Marguerite Churchill) and never stops trying to win her love. Tyrone Power co-stars in this visually spectacular epic.When renowned director Raoul Walsh cast a studio prop boy as the star of his frontier saga, he had no idea he was discovering one of the greatest cinema legends of all time - John Wayne.The ComancherosIn this explosive and absorbing wild west adventure, John Wayne stars as Captain Cutter, a fearless Texas Ranger determined to crush a violent gang of gunrunners. Through unforeseen circumstances, he enlists two unlikely partners to accomplish his mission.Co-starring in The Comancheros is John Wayne's son Patrick, godson of the renowned filmmaker John Ford who featured him in nine of his masterworks, including The Quiet Man, Rio Grande and The Searchers.North To AlaskaThis rousing comedy-adventure set in the Alaskan gold rush finds buddies Sam (John Wayne) and George (Stewart Granger) striking gold in Nome. George then asks Sam to fetch his sweetheart Jennie from Seattle. But when Sam discovers that she has married someone else, he concocts a plan to bring George a new love, inviting a beautiful dancer (Capucine) to be Jennie's replacement.Even though North To Alaska is a rousing western, it was a dramatic change for John Wayne as an actor. More famous for throwing punches than punch lines, he was given a chance to also show his lighter side and play for laughs.The UndefeatedIn the tumultuous aftermath of the Civil War, Union Cavalry officer John Henry Thomas (John Wayne) takes his heroic men west while Southerner James Langdon (Rock Hudson) takes his soldiers to Mexico. When their paths cross, they forge an uneasy friendship that is quickly tested as they get caught between Mexican rebels and the Emperor's forces and find themselves fighting side by side.

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