John Wayne Signature Collection: 7dvd: Box Set £10.99 @ HMV

John Wayne Signature Collection: 7dvd: Box Set £10.99 @ HMV

Found 21st Apr 2010
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For a flavour of the Old West, look no further than this superlative collection of films, with Wayne delivering the goods in the movies that made his name. John Ford's classic, genre-defining Western THE SEARCHERS stars Wayne as Ethan Edwards, a case-hardened Civil War vet on a vigilante mission to rescue his kidnapped niece from the very same Comanches who slaughtered his family. There's a classic showdown of good versus evil in Andrew Mc Laglen's CHISUM, when a corrupt official starts to exert his authority over the town of Lincoln and one of its founders, cattle owner John Chisum, rallies against him. In RIO BRAVO, no-nonsense Texas border sheriff John T. Chance--aided by a ragtag band of volunteers--fights off ruthless mercenary gunmen in order to keep a murderer in custody. THE COWBOYS sees an aging rancher attempt to get his cattle to their destination while contending with the wilderness and a psychotic, vengeful ex-con who is out to get him. Rounding off the set, CAHILL tells the story of a U.S. Marshall whose job is made difficult when several of his sons turn to a life of crime.

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