John West Tuna Chunks in Brine, 4x160g cans in Lidl - £2.79

John West Tuna Chunks in Brine, 4x160g cans in Lidl - £2.79

Found 26th Jan 2017
4 tins of John West tuna chunks in brine, 160g.

Currently £3.00 or more in the supermarkets, so a nice saving.
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Same price in Home & Bargains. Hot!
Cold don't buy John west
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Cold don't buy John west

I'm guessing its because they've been accused of using fishing methods that harm other marine life and not keeping tuna to sustainable levels in comparison to supermarkets. According to Greenpeace anyway.
Oh right, those hippies (I'm messing) it's very difficult to gauge who's behaving themselves nowadays with companies misbehaving more and more in the sake of profits. Hmm
Pole and line caught tuna is what you're looking for. Just because it says "Dolphin Friendly" on the tin, doesn't mean it's not caught with miles of marine-life-pilaging net!
I always buy Sainsburys "Pole & Line-caught" Tuna.


They're the only major suppliers who don't sustainably source their tuna. No actually there are others but John west are supposedly the worst offenders
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