John Woo Presents Stranglehold Xbox 360 £4.99 Delivered @ Play.com
John Woo Presents Stranglehold Xbox 360 £4.99 Delivered @ Play.com

John Woo Presents Stranglehold Xbox 360 £4.99 Delivered @ Play.com

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Stranglehold @ Play.com seems to dip down to this price now and again, so I thought I'd post for those that missed it last time as the thread had expired


Any xbox game a must at this price surely......heat added

heard it's quite good, and a bargain! ordered and heat!!

very very fun game, if you liked max payne on ps2 you will love this

shame more people dont play it online

Short less impressive version of Max Payne.. but good price all the same!

Great price for a fun game, well worth it for under a fiver.

6-8 hours mindless gaming (with slow-mo doves - awesome) for less than 20 fags. Bargain. H+R.

Got this for PC and I have to say I am well impressed with it. Max Payne +.

Am currently playing through this - not the best game in the world, but definitely worth £5


Not a good game.

I thought it was 'average' until I started experiencing the massive game breaking bugs. Then I gave up and never played it again, after the second level. Google 'Stranglehold bugs' for plenty of info.

Maybe worth £5 if you're lucky and don't get hit by the bugs.

Been looking for some cheap games so just ordered, thanks

I played through it ages ago and loved it.

This game is awful


This game is awful

ly good!

Jokes, each to their own but as mentioned anyone who has enjoyed the max payne or Matrix games previously will love this game, I had it on release but I think that ill buy it again at this price!

It's not the best game in the world, but there's definitely a fiver's worth of fun to be had with this.


This game is awful

Its not that good!

Disappointing. Poor visuals, poor gameplay, poor game, IMO.

Max Payne was much better in all departments, and that was on the last generation of consoles!

excellent game, def worth a fiver

its worth £5 for sure

excellent game if you ask me well worth £5

never found any bugs with mine

love this game, bloody bargain if you ask me

Loved it! Heat added!

Poor visuals ? Have you been drinking calpol ? great visuals, great action packed mindless game and put it on hard boiled for the ultimate challenge, itll drive you mental, I love this game !

ordered worth a go for under a £5 cheers

Not a great game, but definitely worth £5.00. £0.01 for every watermelon I smashed by sliding through it for no particular reason.

My copy came today. It's second hand!!! Not happy about this at all, the case had been re-sealed (obviously unofficial seal) and the case is scuffed, the disc is scratched and has fingerprints and food on it. And to top it off the manual is torn.

WTF Play? I expect better than this, even at a fiver....
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